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hsharp123 05-16-2008 04:06 AM

Sarcoids?! HELP!

Does anybody have any stories to tell about sarcoids?

To my horror after a long and hot training session Tennyson (my grey 4year old) let it all hang out and he seems to have two ten pence piece size sarcioids on the skin of his willy? They are not sore looking and the same colour as the skin around, a dark grey/black colour.

Now for the i do something about them or just observe for a while? They arent sore looking and he's not bothered by them but as he puts it all back in it must feel v.uncomfortable?

Also can they spread or do they stay localised to one area? I have read different ideas...But the one thing that seems all my sources agree with is that they can turn nasty when tampered with/treated? and if they arent hurting/growing fast to leave well alone. I wouldnt like to treat them now as there are so many flies around with it being british summer, so thinking i should just keep and eye on them?

Thank you in advance!

Elz x

Ryle 05-16-2008 10:05 AM

First, I would have them checked by your vet to be sure you are dealing with sarcoids.

As far as treatment, you really need to have your vet assess what type of sarcoid it is and determine what treatment option is appropriate. Some sarcoids are better left alone and some are better treated aggressively right off. What you shouldn't do is start trying all sorts of home remedies as it can make them grow more aggressively and failure of treatment makes future treatments less likely to work as well.

Here is a good link to info on sarcoids:

Lc Performance Horses 05-16-2008 02:43 PM

Sarcoids are similar to that of a wart. There are 6 different types, the most common being 'mixed' and 'occult'. They can be passed by flies, and they are a viral problem. I had the vet out to one of my Tbs last weeks who has an occult sarcoid, he has ordered cream (Cytotoxic ointment very poisonous and kills sarcoid cells) from Bristol Veterinary Laboratories as it has to be specially made up in our country. The cream he is having has to be applied by the vet as it is chorosive and very abrassive. If you have an occult or mixed sarcoid, if left alone and not caught by tack or other forms of contact, they dont usually spread and will just look unsightly but I would get your vet to investigate and apply the medication that is used in the USA to get rid of them.
Here are the various types;
Occult=common on hairless parts of the body, appear as round swellings, with grey scaly surface, if undisturbed remain unchanged for many years.
Verrucose= have a warty appearance and often develop into thicken skin growths, they are slow growing but if disturbed can become aggressive and localy invasive.
Fibroblastic= involve both dermal and subdermal layers of skin, they extend much further than appears. They are fleshy and have an aggressive appearance, rapidly ulcerateand often associated with surgical or trauma wounds.
Malevolant= are very aggressive and spread along the lymphatic chanels causing large ulceratied masses commonly found on the face and internal thigh.
Nodular= they appear to be under the skin, well rounded and have a well defining border. The overlying skin is thin and shiny.
Mixed= the most common of sarcoids, they have the appearance of the occult type, and verrucose and nodular types too.

They are thought to be a virus, and thought to be the result either of an earlier non-productive infection with the virus that causes juvenile warts, or infection with that which causes warts in cattle. Can be singular or multiple on the body and dont often go away on their own.

Hope this has helped, do call out your vet. :)

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