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twagner 05-16-2008 09:33 AM

Horse Injustice!!!!
Hi I'm Terri.
Please pass this on to as many horse people as you can. If you want to write to Rose, drop me a note

Hi Terri,
Last week the lawyer that was working on my case about my horse Glory sent me back my deposit and told me she does not think she can help me. NOW she tells me after almost two years and now it is too late because of the statute of limitations. I am still so hurt over the horrible death she had to endure. So I have decided to spread my story to horse groups and chat lists just so that people know what can happen. The following is the condensed version of my story. If you are on any chat lists perhaps you can cut and past and pass it on. thanks.....rose

Hi Everyone,
I am writing this not about a horse I used to have. She was out of my registered paint mare and a registered TWH. Two years ago April 30, 2006 I took her to a "trainer". A few weeks later she was dead...May 17, 2006. This was an almost 5 year old mare that had all ground work done by me. The "trainer" was to introduce her to a saddle and work with her to the riding point. I had told him I was in no hurry and that if in the month she was to be with him she was not ready for riding then I would look into another month. The "trainer" claimed to be a Parelli trainer (I later found out by contacting Parelli that this guy was never on their books) and promised to take very good care of her. I live in Terrell, TX and he lives in Kaufman, TX, about 20-25 miles away from me. I went to see her the first week and she seemed a little depressed but she had never been away from me so I just thought she was not liking the separation. May 14th that year was Mother's Day. May 17th was the following Wednesday. On the 17th I got a call from my friend who also had her horse with this "trainer" that my horse was dead and that the "trainer" thought she had colic. (She had never had colic in the whole time I had owned her.) Mind you, the "trainer" did NOT call me. I called him then and could not reach him. He finally called me and told me that on May 14th he was working her and that she tried to jump out of the pen he was working her in (pipe fencing) and that she reared up and fell over backwards and also tried to buck him off. He told me he found her in the morning of the 17th dead in the pasture. Mind you now, this was Wednesday evening and I am just finding out. He said he got an autopsy so I called the vet and got a written autopsy report. The mare had extensive bruising from under her neck and up both sides to the withers. She had died of little to no circulation to that part of her body.
This "trainer" never called me to tell me he was having any trouble with her. It is obvious she did not die from falling over backwards. He did not call me until after I called him and that was after an autopsy. It is obvious there is guilt here.
I contacted everyone I could think of for help.....the SPCA, the ASPCA, Parelli, the Paint horse association, and plenty of others. I got no help. Then I contacted a lawyer. She was very helpful and positive that we had a case. I gave her a large deposit so she could get started and she did. Then she seemed to drag her feet and just last week she sent me my deposit back and said she felt she could not do anything.
As you might believe, I have been just sick over this whole thing. Right after it first happened, I could not look at any man dressed as a cowboy such as some men dress here in Texas. I couldn't even watch DVD's of people like Clinton Anderson or Chris Cox because it made me sick. I was depressed for many months and cried a lot. I raised that mare from a baby and had imprinted her and everything. She was easy to handle, just did not know a lot.
Now my two years is just about up and I have no where to go but to tell my story. I am still so sick over this terrible loss and the horrible death she must have suffered. It just seems like in Texas a horse is just livestock and you just loose out when something happens. This is property damage for sure.
I wish I knew where to start to stop this kind of thing from happening or where to get help when something tragic does happen. Now I am asking you to read my story and pass it on. I will never get my mare back but maybe I will have compassion from the horse world. Thanks for listening.....Rose

steffanicgirl 05-16-2008 11:07 AM

Oh my goodness, I am sooooo sorry! Sometimes the legal system in this country just sucks! Sending my best wishes to you...

Vidaloco 05-16-2008 11:32 AM

I guess the moral of that tragic story is to be sure to check the credentials of any trainer you chose to work with your horse. Get references and check in often. Thats just a heartbreaking story.

cory-boy 05-16-2008 08:20 PM

Hi Terri, that is really heart breaking :cry: . I have the most softest heart when it comes to all animals. I have heard other people that have sent there horse out and had issues, with injuries but not like your case and I feel for you, If I have to have help with any of my horses, the trainer will come to my house and I will watch. I know in Wi the news will get involved with animal issues and they will at least let the public know. I would make sure he did recieve to much more work on training horses.

my2geldings 05-19-2008 10:56 AM

The way the justice system works sometimes is really terrible. When you finally need them it seems it isnt around to support you. Very frustratingl.

Sorry it happened to you. :(

jemma_bailey 05-19-2008 12:59 PM

This may sound a little out there, but cant you sue the trainer? Im not sure of the details of how to do it but im sure someone could help you. Its horrible that this has happened and im so sorry for your loss. I hope you get the justice you deserve one day.

Jackie 05-31-2008 07:27 AM

Hi Terri, my heart goes out to you, no animal or loving owner should have to go through this. ln Australia we would go to a local current affair show and get the story out there, l no it wont bring your baby back but if you can get his name in the news and a wider audience to your story it might help to stop it happening again. lt re-enforces my no trust issues. Thankyou for telling your story, so meny people use trainer and it brings home that a name means nothing and to do your homework. Thankyou again and look for another laywer please.

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