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Travyhorse 06-29-2011 11:26 AM

Herd Sour Issues
I know there was just a previous post regarding being Buddy/Herd sour. Although, the ideas are great I don't have the same options.

Currently, I have a mare that is extremely herd sour. Obviously, some of this caused from me. We do round pen work and she seems to be doing well. I can tie her for long periods of time, IF she can see the other horses.

Where they are currently there is no place I can really put her without seeing the other horses unless I can put her in a stall.

I work her with the other horses nearby and then take her for a walk just down the drive way to eat grass and she literally will be headstrong, and has jumped up in the past, kicked out ect. I get after her, but that just increases her anxiety.

She will also not stand for the farrier unless she is around the other horses. She has in the past went for trail rides and behaves well. I don't forsee ever being able to show her. Ironically, her brother is quite calm (a stallion) and doing dressage training at a warmblood farm.

Should I throw her into the back arena (unfortunately, she would still be able to see her pasturemates.) BUT she would still have a nice panick attach and I am thinking that might be good for her. Maybe give her a little grain etc. Then I could throw her into the round pen closer to the pasturemates and make her work a little?

I am open to ideas!

spirithorse8 06-29-2011 11:46 AM

Your personal attitude has a lot to do with her reactions.
You 'must' be herd boss when she is in halter/bridle.
Horse understand only two reprimands, biting and kicking. We cannot bite them but we can simulate the kick.
I use a cupped hand on the neck as a reprimand or you can purchase a flat western bat with the big popper.
You must be firm and reprimand in a low pitch voice telling her "NO" when she misbehaves.

Piper182 06-29-2011 11:50 PM

Truthfully, I think you need a mix of Monty Roberts and Buck Brannaman. It's not really being herd boss. It's really just being a part of her herd. Try joining up with her (Monty). That will force you to be another horse to her (Buck). You want her to realize that she isn't leaving her herd when she goes with you.

I have trained horses very similar to yours. Once I joined up and made them realize that I'm a safe being to be with, they realized they didn't need to be with the other horses.

Travyhorse 06-30-2011 09:42 AM

I have done some joining up with her clinton anderson style. She is normally a high strung horse, but getting her to go around in the round pen is quite a challenge. My other mare is fine about going around and she joins up decently. I will keep working at it and go from there.

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