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Mackieb 06-29-2011 10:21 PM

Finger Lakes Livestock Exchange?
I don't know if this is the right section to post this in... but anyways, for anyone else in Western NY, have you ever been to the Finger Lakes Livestock Exchange? Even though my parents wouldn't let me buy one, I would like to go there for an early birthday present (July 23rd).
1) Do they tend to have nice horses, maybe a couple intermediate-level hunters there? Or...
2) Do they tend to get in the sick, bony, older horses there?
3) Do they usually have dead rodents laying around (This is my biggest concern, I basically have a phobia of dead animals)?

franknbeans 06-30-2011 06:54 AM

Since is is only a few miles from my house, I have been there several times. It is an interesting experience, and every time I have been there it is a bit different. Unless you are a VERY experienced horse person, or have one who will go with you,I would not recommend buying there. However, I find it sort of fun. They have a mix of horses, like any auction. THis one however, I woudl describe rather like a Mennonite/Amish used car sale. Truely. The vast majority of the horses are driving/working horses. They typically have a few riding horses, but not a great selection (like have been at Camelot auction lately.). Prices vary, but the nice driving horses (their transportation) are usually the highest priced.
That said, there was really only once I came close to coming home with one, and it was a draft cross baby with a large untreated (fresh) cut on his leg that sold for $10. (to a private person, not the feed buyer). There are also feedlot horses there, so if you go, be prepared for that.
I go EARLY, and like to watch them unload, which tells you a lot-it shows you how they unload, something about who brought them, and more than if you get there to just see them standing. Many have not had Coggins, and get them after sale. Because of this, anything bought there would need quarantine, like is recommended for any auction horse.

I may go the 23rd, depending on what else is going on here.....I certainly do NOT need another

Mackieb 06-30-2011 08:07 AM

Ok, Thanks! I would either have my trainer (Jen Duncan) come, or my neighbor (Amy Graham Hughes). I also wouldn't mind a young, docile horse that has been started over fences. I would be more confident starting a calm, sane 5 year old mare over crossrails (with help, of course) than taking a strong gelding that takes advantage of his rider around 2'3 courses. Also, what is the average price range there? Are there usually injured foals selling for $10? Like New Holland, do they have an onsite vet to do vaccinations and/or coggins tests? Also, do they have dead rodents laying around, from prowling barn cats, or even a dead horse pile, like I heard New Holland does :shock:? Thank you!

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