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Ricci 06-30-2011 12:21 AM

Posted in Western Riding as well, Tips for training and shows?
I used to compete quite a lot, but life got in the way and I got into boys. Now that all that is over, I am ready to start competing again. I am interested in barrels, poles, flags, keyhole and things of the sort. My main horse I trained for this sadly died of a heart murmur. I am including pictures, it would be great if you could tell me which body types are suited best for what. Here are the candidates:

Priscilla, quarter horse mare. A little on the slow side, not well at tight turns. 16 years old, but has been in several competitions and has won me a little money on the side. Best event was halter. A very good cow horse.

Promise, quarter horse gelding. Has a lot of get up and go and definitely has potential but was used as trail horse. Has not been exposed to any competitions, and does not know how to turn on a dime. A little jumpy."

Missy, paint/Thoroughbred mare. Very tall. Not so agile but VERY fast. Lots of heart but still young and jumpy. Likes to try to take the bit and run off. Trained her english and used her for jumping mainly but her speed could definitely win me points.

(that is my best friend, not me)

Aspen, Paint gelding. Completely green but small and agile. Hasn't got a "job" yet. Fast horse, but haven't tried him under saddle yet. This is my most bonded horse, I have had him since birth and made the terrible mistake of spoiling him. (who could deny blue eyes?)

Based on these horses, which one is most suited? How do I get them there? I don't remember how to train horses these things and if I have to find a trainer who will help me out I would but I would prefer to do this solely. Since Aspen hasn't been exposed to any of this yet, would it be a good thing to teach him so he develops a fondness of it? I am planning on training him at my college soon anyways. Aspen is an arrogant little pric k (if you met him, you would understand) so is this type of horse a bad idea if he doesn't care a whole lot about pleasing me, like promise is completely devoted to? Obviously I don't have money to afford a $20,000 horse, but I think a lot of training can go a long way.
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21 minutes ago
Percy (nickname) is about 14.2
Promise is about 14.2
Missy is about 15.3
Aspen is about 14hh or possibly under. His body is very slender and he doesn't look quite grown yet although he is hitting close to 5.

Ziana13 07-06-2011 02:01 AM

First off, Missy looks gigantic so if you're interested in barrels I wouldnt use her. I think that maybe with a lot of work Aspen could be pretty good. He is nice and short, and he's slender but you can get muscle mass on him ( and he's absolutely adorable!) if u want to get right back in without the wait, I'd say your best bet is promise

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