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VMorganW 06-30-2011 05:57 AM

What Sizes Do I need?
I've been looking online at different products I want to buy, but am concerned that if I order them they won't be the right size. I would greatly appreciate any help and advice.

My Mare is 17.1 hh Thoroughbred. Her girth size for my jumping saddle is either a 42 or a 48 but I am almost positive it is a 42.

How do I measure for a winter blanket? I currently have a lighter blanket but bought it second hand and just lucked out that it fit her. There is no size on the blanket to refrence.

How do I measure for bell boots? I also bought a white pair of these second hand. They don't cover her hoof all the way to the ground but do go around her hoof fine. Do they need to cover all the way to the ground?

How do I measure for jumping boots? I am safe to assume she is not small because she is not a pony, lol, but her legs are long and lean... does that mean large for long legs or medium for skinny legs????

I want to get her a well fit leather halter, how can I measure for this? I know she uses a large halter but sizes always seem to vary so much when it comes to horse products. I want one that fits her properly around the nose as well as the fram of her head.

Medicine Boots? What exactly are these used for and how do I measure to buy them?

I have polo wraps, thank goodness they were easy lol!

How do you measure for a Meritangle?

I would like to get a breast plate/collar? My Saddle doesn't slide back but I just began jumping my mare and would feel better with one. I currently have one but where it conects on the saddle is up to high and it doesn't reach.

If I have left anything out please feel free to add on. I basically want to deck out my tack room and have everything I can think of availible for my horse if I need it, but don't want to waste a ton of money on buying the wrong sizes

PaintedFury 06-30-2011 09:49 AM

There are only a couple of those questions that I can answer, but I will at least answer them for ya.

You measure for a rug or blanket with a soft measuring tape. Start at the center of his chest, go around the widest part of his body, and to the center of his rear end. The number in inches will be the size of his blanket. Blankets are sized in even numbers, so if he measures 79", you would order an 80.

If by medicine boots, you are talking about Professional Choice Sport Medicine Boots, they are protective and supportive leg wear for horses. They actually help support the horse's tendons and ligaments in his legs. They actually have a size chart on their website. They can be measured for by measuring the circumference of the lower leg, and the height from fetlock to knee or hock, I believe. Their chart will tell you where and how to measure, and what measurements are for what sizes.

As for the bell boots, their purpose is to protect the foot in case of an overlap, so it helps protect more is they are closer to the ground. I would be willing to bet that with your girl's size she will require a large. I would say the same for the medicine boots. Her legs may look skinny on her, but chances are they are bigger than a medium boot is meant to fit.

VelvetsAB 06-30-2011 10:54 AM

Bell boots should touch the ground in the back, because you are wanting to protect from overreach from the rear legs.

A halter would probably be a full size.

Jumping boots, most likely a large, as it is more length then the around.

Double check your girth seems small for her height.

Martingale, most likely a full again.
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