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Stoddard 07-02-2011 04:37 PM

Future Buy Needs Crit
Now, I've gone on about her about her for a couple days now. April isn't happening anymore - when I moved I told her owner to sell her to someone different and he did. So, now I'm looking for already broke in horses from a woman I know pretty well. - This is Fancy Pants, daughter of a solid "breeding stock" paint horse. FP is a younger version of her mother, practically looks like a clone. She's four years old, slowly gaining those bricky shoulders her mama has, and is very smart. She's also incredibly sweet/people friendly. While Fancy Pants has spooked to a tarp laying on the ground, she was quick to regroup and now just stares at it suspiciously. She has mild curiosity that I can see peaking as myself and other play with her. Yesterday was the first time she'd been ridden in a year. She was pretty decent then and today until I tried to make her canter. Part of it I know is my fault, but part of it is the fact she's pretty distracted. Cassy - woman who trained her a year ago - explains it's because she's still very much a baby. That, and with her being in a pasture for a year she's attached to her pals. While it frustrated me today, I fell in love with her again with her lovey-dovey nudges and cute face. I love Fancy Pants' mother, and I can see a lot of Fancy in her.

With all that pointed out (I think that's all I wanted to say), I guess my question is, what physical flaws do you see that would keep you from showing her under western (even though I have no plans to seriously show), and would you buy her or the mother?

If more clarification needs to be given, just ask. More photos will be found on her "profile" that is under my horses tab. :)

(I hope this post isn't too confusing x___X)

Stoddard 07-02-2011 04:57 PM

Also, question - does anyone thing she would look good with a roached/hogged mane? It's a little thick and this summer is incredibly hot.

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