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horsecrazy84 07-03-2011 09:18 AM

Getting a new horse
Hubby found an ad on CL where somebody was looking for a Great Dane puppy and also had an 11 year old mare for sale. So he calls and we go to look at the horse and show her pics of our puppies. The mare is a sorrel and the lady said she's a Paint/QH but when the mare was moving and being rode she lifts her front legs up and she reminds me a lot of a Saddlebred. The ad said she was very well broke but not for beginners. She is really good with lifting all four feet and not trying to put them down. She was a little hard to catch and the lady said she normally meets her at the barn but if she is hard to catch it's not a big deal.
She was rode in the local parade last year and did good. She's been rode on trail rides and cars and dogs don't bother her.
She's never bucked,kicked,etc.
She is fast, spirited and has a lot of go but it's not a wild, take off with you go. She listens to whoa but I noticed when the lady hopped on bareback that as soon as her butt hit the back the mare started going which to me is a big NO NO and she said all she does with her is run her. She's very barn sour which isn't a big deal. Hubby said he'd put the time on her so she's more my type of horse but I told him I wasn't interested in her.
She just has too much go for me. She's at the right height but I didn't feel any connection so hubby will have 2 horses to ride and I'll still have Chanti who I probably won't be able to really ride again, ever.
I am not getting rid of Chanti because she has lameness issues. I plan on getting her checked out again, a full lameness evaluation and x rays of her hocks if anybody can do that around here.
Her name is Daisy.
I also think she's older than 11. She has some conformation flaws but nothing serious. I have the ad picture I'll post here in a bit.

horsecrazy84 07-03-2011 01:17 PM

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here's the only pic we have of Daisy, from the CL ad. Hubby is going to take our saddle and go ride her in a few days. I'll get pics then.

haviris 07-05-2011 12:09 AM

She looks older to me. I hope the test ride goes well!

I'd like to see puppy pics too!

horsecrazy84 07-05-2011 09:08 AM

Well we're not getting Daisy. The owner changed her mind on the deal but that's ok lol.

Haviris, I'll post pics of the pups on the Dog section of Off Topic, or Other Pets, whichever that is lol. I'll get pics today since they are 3 weeks old and really starting to move around and play.

cakemom 07-05-2011 09:45 AM

Seems like maybe it's for the best. She didn't seem to be what you were wanting ya know? I will be waiting to see puppy pics.
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