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Brandon 05-18-2008 12:58 AM

NEW Laptop
hey guys well yesterday night was my graduation night and sense then i have been gettin tons of letters and stuff. Well my grandma got me a new laptop, 17 inch Toshiba laptop. It is very nice and i really like it, although i have been spendin alot of time tryin to get teh internet to actually work!

Sorry this message is kinda random but this is my first message on my bran new laptop!! woohooo!


JustDressageIt 05-18-2008 02:07 AM

Cool! Rich swears by Toshibas, I prefer IBMs ;)

PoptartShop 05-18-2008 03:34 AM

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Awesome!! :) Laptops are fun.

Vidaloco 05-18-2008 06:00 AM

Congratulations on graduating and the new laptop :D I love my laptop. Only type of computer I will ever have. I have a little antique desk I keep mine on and it fits perfectly. Plus I can take it with me when we are out and about. I did have to buy a mini mouse for it, I hate using the touch pad if I don't have to.

TaMMa89 05-18-2008 09:22 AM

Congratulations :)!

I reckon I'll also get a laptop when I graduate after two weeks.

FGRanch 05-18-2008 01:50 PM

CONGRATS!!! Finally done school eh? Good for you!

Laptop's really are the best! That's all I have at home!

Vida I know what you mean about the touch pad I bought a cordless mouse for mine as well!

buckaroo2010 05-18-2008 05:26 PM

Congats Brandon!

I love laptops there so much easier to deal with than a comp! :)

my2geldings 05-18-2008 06:34 PM

Congrats on the new laptop! I have lived off of my 2 for the last few years and will never go to a desktop again.


Brandon 05-18-2008 07:43 PM

Thanks guys, ya my grandma got me a cordless mouse to go along with it. This laptop should really help me out when college starts.

my2geldings 05-19-2008 10:03 AM

I really love laptops. Nothing better than taking your computer and all your files with you no matter where you go. I take mine to work a lot of the time, business trips. Where I go it comes and luckily for me I'm in a field where a laptop has its many usages.

Going back to school again in the fall and sure glad I have my computers.

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