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arashowjumper 07-03-2011 04:05 PM

my art
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my art work here are some things i painted last year for my mother she asked me to do it and sold them in the country fair. they are boxes to save jewerly, or cards, and pencil cases. hope u like them they are horses, dogs and cows

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tinyliny 07-03-2011 04:13 PM

Very nice, vibrant and strong images. Did they sell well?

arashowjumper 07-03-2011 04:18 PM

people here is mexico dont really apreciatte the hand made stuff someo f this things left for 10 bucks lol, the big red box with the horse was sold for 25 bucks lol, but since we made lots and lots of them here im just showing you a bit we manage to get like 300 usd out of everything for christmas gifts lol

arashowjumper 07-03-2011 04:21 PM

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its all painted in wood and properly treasted to last for years and years to come lol and in the inside they are covered with nice cloth so the jewerly inside wont damage.
some are in pencil and others in pastels lol.

i love this one and i just realized i didnt put it lol
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whiskeynoo 07-05-2011 04:56 PM

Those trinket boxes are adorable!

wildmustango 07-09-2011 11:07 AM

beautiful work!

arashowjumper 07-09-2011 02:20 PM

thank you

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