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JustDressageIt 05-18-2008 01:38 AM

Mikmar bits?

I just watched an informational DVD on these bits, and am very impressed. You might have the same reaction I originally did ("holy crap those look severe/like a piece of junk") but after watching the video I'm seriously considering buying one - has anyone ever used these bits? Any opinions?
Please don't just look and comment, please read into them if you don't have experience with them - like I said, my initial reaction was "yuck" but I'm actually interested in them now.

Vidaloco 05-18-2008 05:40 AM

I just got that DVD too! I haven't had a chance to view it yet. My initial reaction was the same as you, but the DVD was free and I love free stuff :wink: I'll have to add more after I watch the show.

JustDressageIt 05-18-2008 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by Vidaloco
I just got that DVD too! I haven't had a chance to view it yet. My initial reaction was the same as you, but the DVD was free and I love free stuff :wink: I'll have to add more after I watch the show.

That would be great! It's a very interesting DVD to watch, I didn't find it dry at all. My initial reaction was "yikes, really? That looks way too harsh" but the guy who developed the bit actually developed it for people with bad hands... somehow. I'm seriously thinking about investing in one of these, probably the D-ring non-fixed, double-jointed slant bit. I like the fact that the mouthpiece is flat, and is specifically designed to not pinch at any point.
Would love to hear your input Vida, maybe I just got swayed by a nice voice ;)

appylover31803 05-18-2008 12:28 PM

I just browsed the site, and they do look interesting. Not sure if i'd go for one of those combination bits, or even the watson bit, but the loose ring/eggbutt and D ring bits look interesting, and from the reviews seem like they really do work.

Vida and JDI, where did you get the free DVD from?

HooverH 05-18-2008 06:02 PM

I'm glad you brought this up, I was going to soon.

I'm looking to get Hoover the Cupereon Full Cheek French Roller Link Snaffle, so I'd love people's opinions too. :D

PoptartShop 05-18-2008 06:31 PM

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They look very interesting. :) Cool!

Vidaloco 05-18-2008 07:03 PM

Theres a place on their web site where you can get the DVD its free.
JDI the one that really impressed me was the high headed horse that has to be ridden in a tie down. He was like a different horse. I can see where the string thing would really help on something like that and for getting good head set/flexion.
I can also see how the combination and the training bit could keep a green person from hurting the horses mouth more than any other bit I have seen. It makes it impossible to put to much pressure at any one point.
I wouldn't mind trying the combination bit which is what they recommend for gaited horses. I hate spending the money though since I really don't have any issues with Vida. I might keep an eye out on Ebay :lol:

JustDressageIt 05-18-2008 08:51 PM

Appy - a friend of mine rented the DVD from a tack shop, I think you can request a free DVD on thier website though. I like the looks of the D-ring as well, and the one I'm interested in is the double broken slanted D-ring. I like the fact that the bits are flat instead of round, I would think that would be nicer for the horse.

Vida - I was very impressed with that, but I was more impressed with the 3 year old being ridden in a shank bit for the first time. When I'm filthy rich (:lol:) I'll buy all the bits I want hehe. I think I'm most interested in the bit I mentioned above, although the short shank combination bit also piqued my interest. I don't like the idea of double reins with this bit though.

Dumas'_Grrrl 05-19-2008 12:00 PM

I think I read the whole website! :shock: I am VERY intrigued by these. It looks like it could be an answer to alot of the problems we have run into. If anyone runs across anyone else that has or used these I would love to know... even if its off another forum!!! I hate to shell the money out without some more info outside their site.

I ordered the DVD. I would just like a review from outside their company.

appylover31803 05-19-2008 12:18 PM

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