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horsecrazy84 07-04-2011 09:22 AM

What's a good dog dewormer?
We've been using dewormer in a pink and white bottle, starts with P but can't remember at this moment. It's for dogs, puppies,cats and kittens and you're supposed to only use it twice a year but we've already dewormed a few of our animals twice and they still have worms in their feces. The worms are alive:-| so obviously this wormer isn't doing it.

We used TastyPaste once before with really good results but can't find it anywhere.
I want something that will get rid of all the common worms and is safe to use in puppies.
The stuff we have currently only treats roundworms I think.

I like the stuff you don't have to mix with food that way you know how much they get exactly. Liquid or a tube would be good.

nrhareiner 07-04-2011 05:16 PM

You need to take a sample into your vet and have it tested and they will give you what you need. Trying to do it yourself if you do not have access to stuff like Strongid and Panacure and so on is not a smart idea. Many parasites that dogs get can be transmitted to humans.

I know every dogs that comes through here as a foster gets dewormed the day they get here and then are tested when they are vetted. Really the only way to go.

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