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Mocha26 07-04-2011 12:04 PM

Keeping your horse and you safe.
I was reading the thread" what bothers you about horse shows?" and it hit me that alot of people have issues at shows with people that lack riding etiquette. A lot of people just don't know better. Hopefully all of you know some tips on how to keep your horse out of a potentially bad situation. I couldn't find another thread like this, so do not have a cow if there is and I'm double posting. :D I'm going to list a few of my own tips and such to keep my horse out of the way. I hope this will help those new to riding/showing. These can be applied to almost any situation, not just showing. Also, if you have tips, please share :D

p.s if you disagree with mine/ someone else's tips. Keep it to yourself. I don't want any arguements ,just keep quiet and post your own tips please. :D

- Try not to get yourself cornered. If for some reason the other horse spooks, you're stuck taking the hits with no way out.

-Watch the unruly horses, mostly at local horse functions because at higher levels people can usually control their horses. Distance yourself from the horse.

- (Mostly for WP and EP people) Stay on the rail, i know you're supposed to anyway, but the people who are faster and more out of control normally can't stay on the rail, keeping you in a "safe zone."

- On the trail, if there's a horse riding your butt, pull to the side when you can and allow the horse to pass.

- Cut across the arena if you're on the crowded side. Don't run into the judge/ ring master of course! :D Just make sure you and your horse have plenty of space.

That's all I have for now! Hope this helps any of you new to showing/ riding. :D:D

kitten_Val 07-04-2011 06:42 PM

Rule around here is putting red ribbon on tail if your horse kicks. Which is especially true for trails, but I know people do it at the shows as well.

BTW, if someone is driving at you from behind letting them pass is not always safe if your (or their horse) kicks: they can get you in leg side-kicking. :wink:

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