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WildAcreFarms 07-04-2011 06:24 PM

looking for reviews of Thornhill Vienna II Jorge Canaves
i'm looking for a dressage saddle size 19" and have been looking at the Thornhill line by Jorge Canaves. does anyone here ride in one or know anything about them? I'm a little nervous about them because I'm told they are made in Argentina and the only other Argentine saddle i ever had was a piece of junk.
anyone here know any decent Dressage saddles in size 19 that are affordable?
I'd LOVE to buy a collegant but i don't think they make over size 18.5
I'm looking for a saddle that will help me keep my legs back in the proper position as I've had problems with that in the past when I've taken lessons.
the horse i'll be using it on is a t all 16.5 hh slim OTTB and a 17hh warmblood

kitten_Val 07-04-2011 06:34 PM

Have 18" one. Love it. Would prefer any day over Collegiate (even though I have Collegiate A/P). Got it last year after trying bunch of saddles with my saddle fitter (including KN, BC, MT, Duett). It was the best fit and I really enjoy feeling it under my bum.

BTW, I liked Thornhill Klasse a lot too.

WildAcreFarms 07-05-2011 12:50 AM

how much difference between the Klasse and the ViennaII was there?
how much difference did you find between the Klasse and the Vienna II? i was kind of torn between the two. I'm SO happy to hear that you liked it better than the collegant which was the other dressage saddle in my price range. I'm looking to spend 800 to 1000. and I've thought of an older stubben but ppl want an arm and a leg for even the OLD ones... like made in the 1980s.also i rarely see bigger than 18.5 Heck they want more NOW than they cost new at the time LOL! I Think there have been a lot of advances in the last 40 years in ouR knowledge of horses and what they need to move well and it seems a shame not to take advantage of that with a newer saddle. I LOVELOVELOVE an older Passier that i have but it's a jumping saddle and my butt is sadly no longer a 17.5 :) thanks for the insight it's much appreciated :)

kitten_Val 07-05-2011 06:38 AM

To be honest with you I liked Klasse under my butt more when I tried it on dummy horse. :wink: However Klasse seemed to be considerably wider (same tree size) than Vienna. So when we put it on my horses it was obviously a bad fit. Unfortunately. I know they also have another (even more expensive) Thornhill (Munich or something like that), and that one I liked the least out of 3 (was a bad fit too).

P.S. Funny enough I really dislike Stubben. Lol! Passier is very nice too indeed.

WildAcreFarms 07-07-2011 01:31 AM

yes their Vienna seems to be the one that everyone likes. the place ill be buying from told me to send a wither tracing of both horses that i hope to use the saddle on one warmblood thoroughbred cross and one full TB so hopefully the same saddle will fit both. the warmblood is putting on weight really fast was skinny rail when i "adopted" him so it's a possibility that he could outgrow a saddle that fits the TB. well see i'm selling all my jumping and AP saddles to but hopefully ONE dressage saddle i'm SO TIRED of taking care of 4 saddles LOL'

kitten_Val 07-07-2011 06:46 AM

Yes, I did look for feedback on Thornhill while back when I was about to buy one and everything I could find (on other forums too) was very positive.

In any case good luck! I hope it'll fit your horses! :)

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