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nworkman82 07-06-2011 12:43 AM

Western vs English Boots
I'm an oddity. I ride with a western saddle/tack because I mainly do trail riding. However I prefer wearing English riding pants and boots because of comfort. Anyone else like this? I've seen a gal once wearing kinda like a cross between english and western boots. Dark leather, plain, almost a western toe, but tall like an english... Anyone else ever seen these? Or know where to buy them?
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tinyliny 07-06-2011 01:26 AM

Nearly every day! I do have cowboy boots now, and some pants that have a leather seat. But for years I rode western in E. clothing; breeches, half chaps and paddock boots. Very comfy and grip em!

DraftyAiresMum 07-06-2011 01:33 AM

The first few trail rides I do on Aires will more than likely be in a Western saddle (until I get used to how he moves and such), but I'll be wearing "breeches" (okay, they're actually denim leggings from Walmart, but they feel exactly like the Ariat breeches we had at work a few weeks back, just minus the full seat), Ariat Terrain riding boots (LOVE my Terrains!) and half chaps. Yes, an odd mix, but do what's comfortable for you, not what everyone else thinks will look good.

As for the crossover boots you're talking, I've never heard of those.

drafteventer 07-06-2011 02:01 AM

They do sell english boots in other colors besides black, perhaps she just had a pair of brown english riding boots?
Even though I'm an english rider, even if I did a trail ride in all western tack, I would still wear my riding pants/boots. I hate riding in jeans, I don't think they have enough mobility and the seams can rub.
The boots simply because I don't own cowboy boots, I have no need for them, bahaha
Just wear whatever you feel comfortable in and don't worry about what people think, there isn't a dress code for recreational trail riding.

gigem88 07-06-2011 09:04 AM

I ride in breeches, even when I ride western. They are soooo much easier to get out of when you're sweaty. And, they are cooler than jeans. I save my western boots for the shows and ride in paddock boots!

cfralic 07-06-2011 11:38 AM

I do the opposite of you... I wear western boots with English tack. I just find them more comfortable AND I love my boots (Ariat Fatbaby). I don't do any competing so I don't feel I need to spend the cash, even if I look totally dumb riding around in turquoise cowboy boots... haha.

I always wear breeches though. Jeans don't feel flexible enough to ride in and they're just too hot in summer.

PaintedFury 07-06-2011 11:51 AM

I think if you're more comfortable in breeches and riding boots, wear them! I find that my Wrangler Auras are comfortable and breath a little easier than most jeans do. They have a stretchy material in them, and they are not as heavy as regular jeans are. I'm restricted as to what boots I can wear because I can only wear lace-up boots, because my arches are too high to wear pull on. But I'm comfortable in my jeans and lace-ups so that's what I ride in.

nworkman82 07-06-2011 02:21 PM

So, I had too much time on my hands today and the question of "what type of boots where those??" was annoying me!! So I googled and yahoo-ed... shopped ebay and finally found them... They are riding boots, but MOTORCYCLE riding boots. A plain brown, leather, tall motorcycle boot! Go figure!

I fear my assortment of riding clothes might just get a bit more "odd."http://http://e-retail-mall.amazonwe...1ET8EKL39L.jpg


nworkman82 07-06-2011 02:22 PM

Well that link was suppose to show up at a picture..... Bah!

DraftyAiresMum 07-06-2011 02:23 PM

Hey, if they fit and they're comfortable for you to ride in, why not? lol

Personally, I wouldn't trade my Ariat Terrain H2Os for all the tea in China. ;)

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