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Shasta1981 07-06-2011 01:32 PM

Zippers on tall boots
Well, one of the zippers broke on my tall boots. It will no longer zip up and I suspect that a few of the teeth are not lining up correctly, but I can't really tell where the problem is. I took them in to the cobbler to see if the zippers could be replaced and he said that it would ruin the boots. I still don't understand why. Has anyone else ever had this happen or perhaps know why one wouldn't be able to replace zippers on field boots? These weren't cheap, but they weren't top of the line either and I certainly didn't use them as much as I could have.

~*~anebel~*~ 07-06-2011 01:50 PM

Find a good boot guy. On a good quality pair of boots that will last 5 or more years the zipper will likely need to be replaced more than a few times. This is for dress boots, I don't know about field boots though. A good pair of dress boots can be well over $1500 so it is worth it to replace the zipper a few times before buying a new pair.
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countercanter 07-06-2011 02:53 PM

My first pair of Ariat boots with a zipper had this problem. I just took them to the shoe repair guy and he replaced both of the zippers for like $25. It can most certainly be done and won't ruin the boot.

farmpony84 07-06-2011 03:54 PM

I have a pair that did that. I haven't gotten them repaired yet but I plan too. I ended up buying a new pair out of laziness...

waresbear 07-07-2011 12:58 AM

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It's not a matter of if the zipper will break, it's a matter of when. This is what I read somewhere in some equine publication reviewing tall boots, so what did I do? Went out and bought a pair & am now waiting for the zipper to break.

Shasta1981 07-07-2011 02:10 PM

Farmpony, buying a new pair just to avoid dealing with the issue absolutely crossed my mind!

Great, I will take them to someone else then. I was confused when he said it would ruin them and couldn't be done. Didn't make sense.

VelvetsAB 07-07-2011 02:40 PM

Try a different guy!

DejaVu 07-21-2011 12:21 PM

Haha yeah, find a different leather/boot repairman.

When I took my tall boots in to get cut down, he put whole new zippers in, just because. Most certainly will not ruin the boot in the slightest.
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PoohLP 07-21-2011 04:36 PM

No all cobblers "get" boots. Ask around to find out where all the horse people in your community go to, then go there. I have a cobbler that I take all my normal shoes to because he is absolutely fabulous, but when it came time to have my tall boots taken in, I went the our town's "boot guy." And when I needed some repairs done on a saddle, I took it to the cobbler known for his work on saddles. Not all cobblers are made equal, even if they are fabulous in their own milieu. :)

ginaxmarie13 08-02-2011 03:58 PM

My zippers on my ariats finally broke, and when i bought a new pair the sales person told me that when the boots flop over (when they're not on your feet) the zippers tend to break easier. i had no idea this happened so i never stood my boots up, and they were very floppy. so i'm thinking that might have been a factor.. not sure if your boots flopped or not or how you kept them when you weren't using them, but stand them up straight! :-) i put rolled up newspaper in mine so they don't fall over.

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