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dreamsintotreasure 07-06-2011 03:21 PM

Need Help
So I just got back from vacation and I have to say that I am not really feeling all that motivated to get back to riding. Before I left I was overly motivated and I was making some great strides with my horse and I really hated the idea that I was going to be gone a whole week and wasn't going to be able to ride... now that I am back, I have started a new job which is so mentally exhausting and I am not really feeling like riding that much. Any help that you can give me to get me motivated again would be GREATLY appreciated...

kitten_Val 07-06-2011 03:52 PM

Frankly, I can't advice much. But I know how you feel - when I'm overwhelmed with work (especially if something doesn't go smooth, or I stuck with the problem). Well... I'm just telling myself: "I have to". :-) And try to arrange time (may be not a lot, just 20-30 mins). Usually when I kick myself out and start brushing etc. I already mentally ready for the ride (and I try to leave behind thinking about work etc.). :wink:

wetrain17 07-06-2011 03:53 PM

I dont know if any of us can really say anything to motivate you. You just have to get out there and ride. Once you start having good/fun rides, you'll get motivated again. I know how you feel. I started a new job in the winter and by the end of the day i just wanto to go home and relax. I know it sounds odd but i had to force myself to get back into the swing of things and ride again. (I was a BM before and could ride whenever i wanted) Now i have a "real job" so i need that extra push at the end of the day.

Once i went out a few times in a row and had some amazing rides on my boy, I found my self wanting to ride all the time after work again. It just takes time and getting back in the swing of things.

Good luck! and stop making excuses of why not to go and just go!

dreamsintotreasure 07-06-2011 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by wetrain17 (Post 1087821)
and stop making excuses of why not to go and just go!

You are exactly right! I do make excuses of why I shouldn't ride today when it really just comes down to the fact that I just don't feel like it. I have only ridden once since my vacation ended and it was just a walking trail ride because it was so blistering hot that day that I was dripping sweat standing in the shade. The whole 'real job' thing sucks! I had one before but my new job is way more mentally exhausting. I don't know if it is just I am not in the swing of things yet or what but I am going to HAVE to figure something out. I am thinking that I may need to take a lesson with my trainer. That really motivated me before, but the problem is I am not legged up to handle a lesson and I am no where near where I should be when it comes to the homework she gave me from my last lesson. Talk about discouraging myself again... ugh!!!! I just need to get over it and enjoy riding again. It really should be relaxing instead of daunting.

wetrain17 07-06-2011 04:18 PM

What really helped me at first was find someone at your barn to ride with. Schedule a ride after work, that way you wont want to cancel on them and you'll go. It worked with me. Even if you dont really know some one. What better way to get motivated then go to for a relaxing, stress free ride and talk about your horse the whole time.

And if it is too hot and buggy to ride, just go see your horse for a few minutes, give him a pat and some cookies. Being in the environment helps too. Once you're there you may want to hop on for 15 minutes just for a quick walk.

You just have to get yourself there.

dreamsintotreasure 07-06-2011 04:25 PM

well the good thing is that I live where my horse does. He is litterally in my backyard. My best friend does have one of her horses out there too which usually helps because I have her to ride with but for some reason since I got back from vacation I am just overly unmotivated. I think I need to find a goal and force myself to stick with it. I usually do better when I am working towards something rather than just doing nothing. I guess it makes me feel more accountable because I don't like the feeling of not being prepared.

MyBoyPuck 07-06-2011 04:29 PM

All I know is some of my best rides have been when I thought I was too tired. Something about your body being overly relaxed due to extreme fatigue translates into the horse moving soooo much better. I always go home from my "too tired" rides happier than a kid in a candy store.

dreamsintotreasure 07-07-2011 09:27 AM

I am proud to say that I did ride last night! It wasn't for long, but a short ride is better than not riding at all. I have to say that I felt pretty good about it too. Hopefully that good feeling will continue so I will ride again tonight! Keep your fingers crossed for me :-P

wetrain17 07-07-2011 09:33 AM

Good, glad to hear it! Now you have to keep that momentum going and ride again today.

Opus 07-08-2011 11:20 PM

I have trouble sometimes motivating myself for my once weekly lessons. Because I'm scheduled, and it's first thing in the morning, it prevents me from skipping out just because I don't feel like it. And once I'm there I *do* finally get motivated. So, maybe you just have to put yourself in a position to do something with your horse. Once you're there, it'll be easier to get into the riding mood.

It'll also get easier once you settle into work and things come easier for you there. Not to mention when the weather gets a little cooler. This summer has been especially brutal.

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