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AvasMom 07-07-2011 05:50 PM

Rodeo Queening
I've always loved rodeo and always wanted to try out for the queening but never knew much about either of them. And since none of my family was in to horses I had to wait until I was the right age to do things on my own. But now I am able and very willing to give it a try.

Does anyone have advice on it or want to share their experiences with it?

waresbear 07-07-2011 06:55 PM

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For a few years, I judged our town's Ambassador Contest (used to be called Little Britches Rodeo Queen, but was deemed politically incorrect). I & 2 other judges judged the horsemanship part of it. There was other judges for the speeches. We had them do a horsemanship pattern and a barrel pattern and carry the flag & wave, since they would have to lead the parade doing this. Then each judge would prepare a horse related question for each contestant to answer. What I recommend is you show up for competition in proper attire and horse groomed and clean tack. Smile and don't get frustrated with your horse at any point in the competition, several have lost the title because of this. Find out what is required to compete for the title and brush up on those requirements. Above all, be gracious & polite to everyone, judges, fellow competitors and your parents. Us judges are watching.

AvasMom 07-09-2011 05:37 PM

Thank you Waresbear, this helped me a lot, I really appreciate it :)

beau159 07-19-2011 02:35 PM

I have held 3 rodeo queen titles, competed for Miss Rodeo North Dakota, and personally know a former Miss Rodeo America. I guess you could say I know "a little bit" about rodeo queening!!! :wink:

During a rodeo queen pageant, you are judged on three things:

If selected as a rodeo queen, you are expected to be a positive role model for the organization you represent and do your best to promote them.

Horsemanship is judged on how well you can ride and handle a horse as well as how much knowledge you posses about horse health, anatomy, and nutrition. In local pageants, you often bring your own horse to use for one round of the horsemanship and then switch horses with another contestant to show how well you can ride a strange horse (which you often do during your reign as queen). In larger state/national pageants, you usually don't even get to ride a familiar horse but are expected to ride several new horses without getting much of a warm-up or practice (if any at all).

Personality is judged on, well, personality! Would you be a good fit for the organization you would represent? Are you knowledgeable about current events in the news and about rodeo news? How well can you think on your feet when asked impromtu questions? How well can you perform a public speech? How do you handle being interviewed by the press? Are you approachable and friendly? Do you speak politely and correctly?

Appearance isn't won by the girl that has the most expensive clothing. Rather, it goes to the girl who has the most overall put-together look with clothing that fits her well and is flattering to her own figure. Also, it is very important for everything to be clean, clean, clean! (That even means cleaning and blackening the BOTTOM of your boots!) An organization wants someone who dresses professionally and neatly and who looks polished to represent them.

A great place to start is to get familiar with the Miss Rodeo America organization at Miss Rodeo America Official Website
There's tons of links to resources and to state websites.

Rodeo Royalty is also a super website with tons of great information for rodeo queens at

Kya's Corner is a great place to buy used rodeo queen clothing, which can help save you money from doing all new custom clothes. Kya's Corner

If you are truly interested in becoming a rodeo queen, it's a lot of hard work and studying, but the rewards you gain from it are priceless!

Feel free to instant message me anytime, and we can exchange email addresses if you'd like. I'd gladly share more of what I know!

Miss Rodeo This Old Hat 2005

At the Miss Rodeo North Dakota pageant.

Horsemanship Queen Run at the MRND pageant, following the freestyle pattern -- got to warm up on the horse for 2 minutes only!

Miss Ashley Rodeo 2006

Gold Star Saddle Club Queen 2007

And if you didn't notice, I LOVE pictures. :D

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