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Kymbadina 07-07-2011 05:56 PM

I need help finding sire information...either aqha or apha.. Baileys frosted bow
Story is, I bought my gelding last september. Called his previous owners who said they got him from the breeders who they were friends with.
Never got a call back(I'll be calling them again tomorrow..)
Then a friend sends me an ad for a horse they said "Gunnar's older sister" She's 18 and looks near identical to my 10 year old gelding.
I called the people on the ad and they said she's foaled some colts. They got the name of the sire. Baileys frosted bow...which is nearly ironic because we joke that Gunnar has a all just seems right.
His previous owners are in Illinois and the owners of this mare said they've sold to Illinois..
The mare I THINK and hope is his mom:
My gelding from a similar angle:

The similarities are rediculous right? I mean what are the chances... He didn't come with papers.. and the lady said the mare isn't registered but I can't find ANY information on the sire. I can find what I assume are his grandparents with "Baileys" and "frost" in their names..but I can't find anything with "Baileys frosted bow"
Is there any way to search for partial like frosted bow and find results with baileys frosted bow? I've tried allbreedpedigree but if I search baileys all I get is baileys.. It seems to be an all or nothing deal.

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