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DeeSmith 07-07-2011 06:06 PM

What saddle would you suggest? (English Saddle)
Hey there,

I have two ponies with out saddles, both with one problem or the other..!

First up my 5 year old Fjord Pony Freia.... She has about a inch of withers AT MOST... and a very flat round barrel like back... the saddle she came with, fits her OK-ish it's very slippy, regardless of what girth/saddle pad i use... it mainly slips to the left because that the side i get on even with a mounting block. the problem with this is Freia is a very naughty behaved pony, you'll get on and she'll trot off if no one is holding her, and try to crush the person holding her if there is! her back is 100% sound she's just a bit of a home bred youngster! (She's on loan to me from the people who've had her since she was 5 months..!)

Second, my brand new ex racer thoroughbed mare... she's a 5 year old, Maisie Mouse... For the last 9-10months she's been ridden in a saddle that is miles to small for her with her previous owners (i don't know if they knew or not...) which has left her with a very bad sore back currently shes on 3-4weeks off with plenty of Arnica gel to soothe the bruising on her back... found this out the hard way, tacked her up lunged and that she was fine, soon as i put weight on the saddle to get on she reared bolt up right and left me behind!

i want a saddle that i can do hacking and flatwork with freia, i don't like treeless saddles at all, i feel they put me a bad position... i ride bare back a lot so i'm always aware of my position... any suggestion?

For Maisie i want a saddle that i can do flatwork/dressage as well as some showjumping and XC... as the plan to do some eventing, when her back is better, well if it gets better poor Maisie moo!

I'm fairly picky with saddles, as i do ride bare back a lot so i like to be as close to my ponies as possible but like deep seated saddles for jumping as i can get a bit wobbly when jumping as i'm a very nervous jumper so don't relax enough...!

I don't mind leather or synthetic... so any suggestion on types? brands?

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