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FoxRidgeRanch 07-09-2011 10:05 AM

First "Ride" of the Year
Yesterday I was working Rain in the Round pen and she was just doing so great I wanted to ride but I can never get her to move once I get on her. So I ran inside and Asked my Niece if she would like to try riding her. Rains been ridden maybe a handful of times and has always been pleasant and yesterday she shined :P Kalyn rode for about 30-45 mins. At first Rain did what she usually does when I get on and didn't want to move but once I got her moving she got comfy really fast and just kept on going the whole time. Kalyn Loved it and Rain got some riding time even if it wasn't out and about. I was happy :)

Jessskater 07-09-2011 10:28 PM

beautiful horse!

horseloverd2 07-11-2011 02:47 AM

Sounds like a good day ^^ Gorgeous horse, by the way. *drools*

LetAGrlShowU 07-11-2011 08:30 AM

Wow, stunning horse! Keep up the progress, and the pics ;)

FoxRidgeRanch 07-11-2011 11:55 AM

Thanks so much she is a sweet heart :) She jus went to the trainers yesterday morning. I'm so excited to get her really riding :)

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