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KawaiiCharlie 07-11-2011 01:17 PM

Lets settle this..
Is negrita dark bay, or brown?
her ad said she was dark bay. i personly think she is brown though?
some people are saying shes back, others are saying shes brown so im really quite confused. colour experts help please ;)

Chiilaa 07-11-2011 01:19 PM

Brown :-)

The lightning on her flank and in her elbow screams brown to me. And she has the paler muzzle as well :-)

farmpony84 07-11-2011 01:21 PM

I think she is brown but can you post pix of her legs and the back of her ears?

tbstorm 07-11-2011 01:25 PM

im thinking brown

KawaiiCharlie 07-11-2011 01:30 PM

Heres the only picture i have of her legs. and i dont really have any of the backs of her ears, not sure if this is any good? can kind of see her whole ears haha. please excuse the scar on her front leg & the one on her right ear, she was brought over from argentina a few years ago absolutely cover in scars.. i dont like to think of what they done to her over there :(

farmpony84 07-11-2011 01:31 PM

I think she's a sun-bleached bay. It looks like her legs are black and the tips of her ears are black.......

KawaiiCharlie 07-11-2011 01:41 PM

if it helps, this is her in the early spring so before she would have been sun bleached. please excuse how skinny she is, thats not my doing... previous owners... *sigh*

NdAppy 07-11-2011 01:41 PM

Farmpony - a brown horse can and does have black points just like a bay. :-) both brown and bay and different modifications of the agouti gene, which is what restricts black one a horse to the points.

OP - Brown in my opinion as well. :-)

smrobs 07-11-2011 01:54 PM

I also agree brown. Like Chiilaa said, the lighter flanks and elbows in the summer pic paired with the significantly lighter muzzle in the winter pic screams brown to me.

KawaiiCharlie 07-11-2011 01:56 PM

wooo i was right haha. im not really fussed what colour she is, i still love her to bits. just wanted to settle the argument finally :P

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