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HollyLolly 07-11-2011 04:16 PM

Rhythm Beads? Can you tell me about them?
Hello Everyone,
Ages ago, I heard of something called Rhythm Beads. Apparently they can calm your horse or something, but I'm not too sure (Sorry if this question is really stupid, but I've only heard of them really fleetingly)

I was wondering if anyone could tell me more about them, and what they do Etc

Many thanks,


Jessabel 07-11-2011 07:11 PM

I used to make them. =]

The idea is that the bells jingle every time the horse takes a step, and the rhythmic sound is supposed to distract them and/or help keep them calm (on the trail, for instance). In my opinion, they don't really make a difference. They just look pretty.

Although I did used to make pony-sized ones with mini cow bells, because I thought it would be a clever way to help keep track of kids when you're out riding. I don't know if it would catch on since I've never really had an opportunity to sell them. :-|

HollyLolly 07-12-2011 05:35 PM

Thank you for replying! :D I was just wondering what they were about really, not looking to sell them or anything (although, if they caught on over here, a few pennies in my pocket wouldn't hurt, they'd just help me spoil my horse more!)
I looked at some pictures last night, and decided to make one. I'm half way through it now, so I'll be able to try them on her over the next few days. Hopefully it really will make her a little less stressy on a trail.

The cowbells for the kids' ponies is a great idea! Then you don't have to worry about the mischief they're getting up to ;-)

Many Thanks for the help

CowgirlsR4Ever300 07-12-2011 08:37 PM

I like my rhythm beads. But we all put reiki into ares. So they are getting a energy treatment also.
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HollyLolly 07-14-2011 04:12 PM

Oh wow, that sounds really interesting! I can't do reiki myself, but I'm aware of the benefits it can give. Can you see any changes in your horses after putting the reiki energy into them?

CowgirlsR4Ever300 07-14-2011 08:20 PM

My gelding who is usually over the top excite calms down. And since I took my reiki level one both my horses have changed for the better. But when I was learning I was able to learn on my gelding. Who also had like 800things out of place. But even then from the begining of his treatment to the end u could see the change in him. Cause when we started working on him he was all anysy and jumpy and at the end he was calm and had his head down. I can see the difference it has on them but not many people can. Except one girl. Her horse refused to go into a trailer and I did what I had to do on him. And as soon I was done he got in. and it keeps their chakras balanced as well.
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HollyLolly 07-15-2011 04:29 PM

Oh wow, that's amazing! Pessimists can never see a change :/ but if someone's open minded or just willing to try anything, then that's when they notice the changes. How did you learn Reiki? Did you have to go to college to do it? My new mare isn't traumatised or anything, but she naps [refusing to leave her friends] a little (I'm working on it) but she was raced a few times. Saying that, to say she's an ex racer, she's really chilled. But I want any of that bad / tense energy that she got from racing, gone.

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