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RansomTB 07-12-2011 10:24 AM

Misc Horse Stuff - Great Prices
I am trying to get rid of things that I dont need. I have pictures and will upload them when I get home tonight. Feel free to make offers on groups of items. Everything is in great condition! I will ship, and request that you ask for a shipping quote. I will only charge the actual shipping cost.

Items for sale as follows, everything is OBO.

Mountain horse Insulated Tall Winter Boots- Size 8W, they are really great boots and keep me super warm in winter. I just got a different leather pair that I can show in, so I no longer need these. They are a great boot. $40

Tuff Rider English Field boots- Size 8W - all leather uppers, and in absolutely great condition. I only wore them for two shows. $40

Devon Aire Tall Boots - Size 8 - I ordered these off ebay, but when they got to me they were too narrow and I couldnt wear them, I went back and forth on whether to put the zippers in the back, but got another pair and never did. These are brand new never worn boots $25

SMB Boots. Off Brand. Size Large, pair of two. Black. $5

Nylon Halter, reins and bit - Black Nylon Halter, Purple split reins, and training Bit. Size 5 1/4. With "dog bone" in the link, small shank. Great Training trail riding bit. Worked wonders for my young TB who is busy in the mouth. $20

Mustang Halter - Rope halter, blue in color, tags still attached, $8

Polo Wraps - Purchased from Dover Saddlery, new in Package, set of 4, Navy Blue $8

Perrits Zip Paddock Boots - Brown Size 9, only worn twice. $20

Driving Reins - New in package, bought at a horse expo two years ago, still have the $48 price tag attached. Nylon, black in color. Will sell for $20.

Tellington T Touch Balance Rein - This rein is held with your regular reins, and goes down around the horses shoulders. It serves two purposes, makes the horse lift his shoulders and forces him to round his back - great for dressage - but then it also serves as a "balance" for younger less experienced and nervous riders, to not balance themselves with the horses mouth, and it makes a more relaxed horse. It really works. This is the better one, nylon and sythetic leather, not the one made out of yacht rope. It was $70 from T touch, its in near perfect shape, and it is easier to hold with the reins. Asking $30

Dover Saddle Pad, Dark Blue, Extra Padded $5

IRH Black show helmet, size large with adjustable dial in back. $15

There are a few more things that I know I am missing, I will list them later tonight. This sutff needs to move, so make an offer!

LetAGrlShowU 07-12-2011 12:41 PM

How does the balance reins make the horse lift his shoulders? I am looking at pics on google, but please explain. Sounds like something that could assist in my boy rounding himself out a bit more.

RansomTB 07-12-2011 01:08 PM

I placed it under my guys shoulders and made sure to hold the balance rein a little tighter then your reins, and the way it was explained to me (and it worked) is that when I lifted my hands, as you do in HUS and dressage i.e. a few inches above the pommel, it puts pressure on the shoulders, when they try to move away from the pressure, it makes them lift their shoulders and round their back. I never thought that it would work, but it did, and he goes beautifully lifts his shoulders which then makes him lift his neck and makes him able to drop his head. I noticed it first in the "trail rider" magazine, they had an issue with an article on sore backs, and I read about it an decided to try.

nicole25 07-12-2011 01:16 PM

can you email me the pictures of the saddle pad please the blue one when you get a chance


LetAGrlShowU 07-12-2011 01:34 PM

Hmm, i may be interested. Is $20 the best you'd do? Also, you said you have some other things. I am looking for a 4 3/4" bit and short (kids) reins for a bitless bridle. Any chance you have that?

RansomTB 07-12-2011 02:13 PM

I do have an egg butt snaffle that came with a bridle I bought, I will measure when I get home this evening, I am not sure what size it was, I only used it once, but that was when my guy was much younger so it may be a 4 3/4. And I do have an extra pair of leather stitched reins that I switched out because they were too short. I bought a bridle and the reins came with it. I can measure them too this evening and see if they are short enough for you. If either of those items will work for you after you get measurements we can make a deal on everything.

@Nicole, I will get pictures of the saddle pad this evening. and send it to you. I saw that you were looking for a royal blue one:) im not sure what exactly is "royal blue" (different people have different ideas) but I have another AP pad that is a little lighter blue (that I think is more "royal Blue" that I would be willing to sell for the same price ($5) I will get pictures of that one too and send it as well.

Piaffe 07-12-2011 03:24 PM

Could I see pics of the sz.8 tall boots? Thanks!

RansomTB 07-12-2011 03:51 PM

Piaffe, I will get pictures and PM you this evening.

RansomTB 07-12-2011 10:36 PM
4 3/4 egg but snaffle bit. $10
Nicole, this is the more royal blue one, it is not as bright in the picture. It is a true medium blue. $5
This is the extra padded one, it is more navy. $5
Tuff Rider Field Boots, size 8W, $40
Piaffe, these are the size 8 devon aire boots, the lines on them are just from where the cardboard box was resting on them, it will wipe right off, if you want I can wipe them down and retake the picture $25

nicole25 07-12-2011 10:38 PM

Yes that bright blue one is the one I am looking for!!
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