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manca 07-12-2011 01:11 PM

I want to show, but don't want to at the same time...
It's complicated :lol:

If I had enough money to really train reguraly, enough money to show, own a trailer, I still couldn't do it. :-|

My mare was a showjumper. She was bought from Germany, and that's quite a long way (~650miles). Well she did compete here too, but not for long, I think. A year or maybe 2. (And before in Germany for few years)

I was looking for a horse, for trail riding. She was far away from trail horse, but I bought her anyway, she is perfect for me.
That day, when I got her... She went into trailer, not causing too much troubles, she was nervous though, but everything was fine. After 15minutes drive we arrived and get her out. She was shaking so much... She was completly soaked-just like someone showered her in the trailer. She was a nervous-wreck.
She is quite energetic horse, explosive sometimes. For the first year I had her she was very nervous, but she calmed down now A LOT.
Still, in the second year of owning her we bought a pony and she went completly histerical when she saw the trailer. She didn't calm down for 2 hours! After the trailer was gone.

I can't imagine showing her. I think she would go crazy... Trailers, then all the horses, people, noise, things moving around. I don't think she would stay calm.

Well I don't know really what I expect from this thread :P
Just wanted to tell you and hear your opinion.

Indigosblue 07-12-2011 10:39 PM

hmm, i really have no idea what you want an opinion you want to make your mare a trail horse? Do you want to show her? Do you want to get her used to the trailer? What has this got to do with a pony? If you pick out a question we can help you =P If not, my opinion is that you are confused and maybe stressed out over whatever situation you're in, so please tell us what we can help you with =)

manca 07-13-2011 02:36 PM

Sorry, I am confused :?

I would want to show very much (it's not possible now, but it could be in few years - money), but I don't think my mare is able to do it. She gets very nervous in situations like this, when there are a lot of horses, people and strange things around. I'm wondering if that's her or is it possible to change this, to get her calm with all the things going on around her
Also problems with trailer... It's not too hard to get her in, she is nervous though, but when we are driving she is VERY SCARED.

She is a good trail horse now and I'm happy with her. She's calm and responsive, always ready to work and never runs out of energy. Sometimes she gets a bit high strung, but it's nothing too scary.

Oh, and the part about bringing pony home is there just for an example of her reaction to trailers...

tinyliny 07-13-2011 03:19 PM


I think what you are saying is that you would like to show, in theory, but since you need to consider the needs of the horse that you DO own, then showing might not work for her. She exhibits extreme stress with regard to being trailered and around activity , as she would find at a show. So, you are being a good horse owner and not forcing her to deal with that because you feel it's more than she can deal with, and she already did this a lot in her former life.
Makes sense to me.

One thought, regarding trailering, is she as stressed if she is trailered with a "mate"? If she was alone on those times when it resulted in all that stress sweating, would having a partner onboard make a differenc?

manca 07-13-2011 04:04 PM

I'm glad you understand :)

No, she was trailered alone... And very herd bound back then. I even couldn't take her on trail alone for months! Ugh, it was hard work to get her accept it, but she's completly fine alone now :D

I'll have to ask previous owner about how she was when she was trailered with others. She was there though, when we took mare out of trailer and she didn't seem a bit suprised about seeing mare shaking and completly wet.

Indigosblue 07-13-2011 11:22 PM

i agree with tinyliny, you seem like a responsible horse owner who truly cares. I would suggest maybe talking to a trainer (unless you are one, or have experience) about the trailering issue. If it seems like something that can be fixed, then i think you may still have a chance at showing. I think if you slowly build your horse's trust you might find her to be a bit less nervous. However, some horses just are nervous by nature, and i'm glad you recognize this. If it is something that is part of her nature, and cannot be trained away i would not suggest showing. If it is something you can work on i would suggest taking that route. It might take many years of hard work though. You could also take a few years off and just do something that she likes and focus on showing later.... how old is the horse? My mom's qh was trained to ride at 20 and barrel raced in shows until 27 and won. Unless you're planning on doing high-circuit jumper or eventer shows, i figure you can probably wait a while. If she mellows out with age/experience you can always head back to showing. You can also maybe do small "at home" shows or local schooling shows. I guess the choice is up to you.

So to sum everything up, i think you should wait for this year with the shows and work on training. I figure you might want to maybe wait longer than a year, depending on what happens. Either way i think you shouldn't give up showing, just maybe postpone it until you work out the trailering/nervousness problems. I wish you the best of luck, and hopefully this helps =)

blue eyed pony 07-14-2011 09:46 AM

I commend you for considering your horse in all of this. So many horses that have big issues are forced to deal with it anyway and that's not healthy for the poor horse's state of mind.

If she's happy to load and calm before you start moving, but then freaks out when you start moving the float, then I would suggest that it may be that she has had a bad accident? My horse scrambled and fell on the truck on his way here (from 3hrs away by highway), and is now severely claustrophobic - will not go into a stall without freaking out, doesn't like being in the (huge) shed, and took months to get him onto a float without it being a massive fight. We still haven't actually moved him, and can't close the jockey door without him freaking out.

natisha 07-14-2011 12:56 PM

My first thought is what is the trailer like? Is it open & airy or closed in. Any windows? Is it roomy enough for her?

Saddlebag 07-16-2011 08:40 PM

Years ago when our RCMP drill team toured Europe, air quality tests were done in their big trailers. Lots of vents open allowing plenty of fresh air. It was discovered that the Europeans closed up their trailers and often had to deal with respiratory issues. I've seen horses overheat almost to dehydration from being closed up in a metal trailer. Just stress can cause a horse to sweat and if no fresh air is moving through the situation gets worse. If that was the case with this horse, small wonder she wants nothing to do with a trailer.

manca 07-17-2011 04:16 AM

Yup, the trailer was closed, I don't remember windows, and if they were there, I don't think she could see through. It was a small (for one horse) trailer.
I don't know if she ever fell, ex-owner certainly didn't tell if she did. My poor mare also traveled a lot in her life, a lot more than I did. Every time she was bought she traveled to another country. And most of trailers here are closed, so I think that Saddlebag is right...
She isn't calm when she's being loaded, but she goes in, taking maybe 3 minutes.
She's 14yo, and I have her for 3 years now. I didn't load her in trailer since I have her(I don't have a trailer). Also, I'm not very experienced with trailering and showing and I need some lessons anyway, I'm taking them next month. I plan on showing her after 3 or maybe 4 years, definitly not now.
I even don't know in which discipline would I want to compete :P
We don't have eventing here, or hunter, competitive trail riding...
We only know showjumping, dressage and endurance. Maybe I could start with halter class, but I'm not sure we have this...

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