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AbbeyCPA 07-14-2011 10:35 AM

My horses were accidently fed 2 morning feeds this morning, need some help!
I do morning feed everyday at around 8-830 am, and my sister does the evening feed around 5 pm. She failed to tell me this morning that she wasn't coming home this evening so I had to do evening feed for her, BUT she also failed to tell me that she gave the horses their morning feed.

So I wake up, prepare their feed, go about my usual morning routine. They're on free choice round bales so I could not tell by the amount of hay wether they had been fed already or not. They seemed a little less interested that I was coming out with breakfast than usual, no nickering or running to the gate, but of course they ate what they were given. I'm not concerned about my paint x and appendix, they get 1/2 cup equalizer AM & PM and free choice hay. My thoroughbreds on the other hand are on (can't remember the weight off hand) 6 cups of TC Senior, 1 cup rice bran, free choice hay (for my gelding) and 6 cups Ultium, 1 cup rice bran, free choice hay (for my mare). Both have had a history of gas & spasmoidic colic in the past.

They seem alright, disinterested in their hay but not showing any signs of colic. I'm assuming they're just full. I'll be keeping an eye on them for the rest of the day. I'm just concerned that they've recieve twice their usual amount of feed this morning in a matter or 2 hours. If they're fine throughout the day, should I skip evening feed? Or just give them a small amount so they don't stress out over missing a feed?

Thanks in advance!

mysticalhorse 07-14-2011 10:41 AM

Can you walk them to help promote gut movement? Spyder gets gas and the only way to help her is to get her moving and farting. I would give them their evening feed as long as they have at some point started eating hay & are drinking water. I will be thinking of your sweeties today!
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AbbeyCPA 07-14-2011 10:58 AM

I walked them one after the other as soon as I found out they had two feeds, both of them seemed rather annoyed with me and just wanted to graze on the front lawn (they only get hand grazed occasionally after I groom or ride). They are drinking normally, quick cap refill, good gut sounds, my gelding was 101.1 f and my mare was 100.8 f - both normal for them. They seem to be lazing around in the sun, nibble on some hay, laze some more, but overall aren't showing any of their usual colicy signs.

My gelding is an occasional fence walker/weaver. Every since we've had him on our own property this has become rare for him to do, and strangely when he's colicing he will weave and walk the fence line frantically into a sweat before he shows any other signs of colic. My mare typically loses that alertness to her, lays down and gets up repeatedly, paws, rarely rolls but prefers to stay down, her gums lose a lot of colour, and overall just seems very uncomfortable. Neither have shown these today so I'm starting to have some relief but haven't let my guard down yet. We haven't had a colic incident from either of them since January (knock on wood).

mysticalhorse 07-14-2011 11:21 AM

Knocking on wood for you too!!!! Sounds like your doing everything you can.
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