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MangoRoX87 07-14-2011 04:25 PM

How to keep my mare from spazzing out in reining?!
My 20 year old mare was trained in reining for about 3 years when she was 6 or so, and she remembers every bit of it. However, at my shows, speed events come after reining, and so when she gets ready for reining (first event of the day) all she can think of is "GO GO GO". This horse is really well trained, hard mouthed on some-days but most of the time she is perfectly fine with just a o-ring snaffle. I ride her in a mild correction bit in reining. I sit calm and tell her "easy" the whole pattern, I even take my spurs off for this class so I don't accidently bump her. She gets uptight, and tries to run the entire class with her head up in the air, and the past couple shows I have gotten DQ-ed because I had enough of her senior moment and grabbed two hands and made her do as I say. However, that is a waste of money for my parents, and I can't think of any way to correct this issue; she is a really well trained horse, but she seems to think reining is a speed event without poles or barrels. It's really getting on my nerves, she knows how to act, but she doesn't grasp that this isn't a speedy free-for-all.
Any help would be VERY much appreciated.

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