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CCHjumper77 07-15-2011 11:14 AM

Trying to help teach my jumper horse how to do the hunters! I'd love for some help!
Sooo, my TB Teddy has been a jumper for about 4 years. A year and a half with me, the rest with his old owner. Before that, he was a childrens hunter (3ft) and showed successfully. The only reason his previous owner transitioned from hunters to jumpers was because she believed he was better suited to it. I've owned him for a year and a half, and I've ridden just as a jumper. Showing 2'9ish to get used to him and schooling between 3ft and 3'3. At my old farm we had done medal-ish courses and he handled them quite well so I actually became interested in possibly trying some. For non-related issues, I moved Teddy to a new farm, his current one, and I've been working with a new trainer. She said my horse could do all 3 rings if I wanted (hunters, jumpers, eq). I've always wanted to be able to do that so of course I said yes! (Just some background info^^)
I can easily put Teddy into a frame which I have been doing for jumpers and when I practice my eq stuff, but I can't get him to stretch down like my trainer wants me to. If anyone knows how I can try to get him to stretch his neck down and lengthen his stride I would greatly appreciate it. I tend to ball him up so I can keep him collected for my turns which my trainer doesn't want me to do. Any tips for him and me would be very welcome! Thanks!

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