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Thyme 07-15-2011 06:12 PM

Learning to jump again! Help please
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Lots of Pictures!
Hey, I am trying to take up jumping again. I am currently in college (only one day a week during summer) and next summer I am going to take the summer completely off to show my gelding Rem, and now I might even take Dedee (the horse in pics) so some schooling shows too. I used to be really good at jumping, when I was 12, and now I am 20 and havnt had a jumping lesson since lol. Today I went out on Dedee, she has no jump training she is just willing so I practice my 'homework' with her between lessons with my trainer and Rem, who is currently at the trainer for jumping. Next week we are going to start jumping together.
Rider Critique: Please dont be too mean, I have had 8 years off LOL
I guess the main thing is I want to make sure I am not going to get in my horse's way, since he is just learning I dont want to ruin it for him.
Secondly I dont want to look stupid :lol:
Horse Critique: Like I said Dedee isnt trained for anything but trails, but she actually got into this today so maybe I will try and show her too. Critiqing for her could be way to improve her just flying over them with her legs all weird :-P, and also does her nose need to be down? I ride her in a loose ring snaffle and she does great in it, i use to for everything we do, but she sometimes sticks her nose out.
Also if you see anything like "oh she is doing___________she could get hurt" Let me know!
Sidenote: Last week this little lady on a huge TWH told me I was too big for Dedee and was killing her.
This really hurt my feelings, I am not too big for her, she has never callasped with me or ever given me sygnals that she couldnt carry me in 8yrs. She may be short but she has those Quarter Horse muscles!!:lol:

Thanks! <3

Also tips on how to improve my position etc, which you all usually do :)

equiniphile 07-15-2011 06:21 PM

Okay, I'm no expert, but I see a few things I'd like to point out.

First, you seem to be jumping ahead in most of the pictures, and "over-jumping" a bit. You shouldn't be able to fit more than a fist between your butt and the saddle in two-point, so think of "folding" down over his neck, letting the horse close the angle, and not throwing yourself upright as much.

Also, you need to focus on putting your weight through your leg instead of pinching with your knee and letting your lower leg fall back, like you can see in picture four especially.

Do lots of work in 2-point on the flat, focusing on turning your knees somewhat out and putting your weight through your heels.

Good luck!

Thyme 07-15-2011 06:25 PM

When praticing on flat how far forward do I need to be leaning?
And what are some good exercises to keep my heels down?
Thanks for the reply!

equiniphile 07-15-2011 06:33 PM

Videos can explain better than I can. For keeping heels down, I do work at the trot and canter standing in the stirrups. Also, before you ride it's a good idea to stretch your calves on a step.

Thyme 07-15-2011 06:43 PM

ok awesome! I ll watch this after work thank you! :D

Allison Finch 07-15-2011 08:12 PM

Here we go...I would suggest opening this forum again, so that you can toggle back and forth looking at the photos in one, and reading the comments in the other.

Photo #1
You have landed with your weight on your knees. When you grab too much with you knees, it makes it hard to keep your lower leg properly on the horse. The tight knees loosen the lower leg, allowing it to slip back. This loses the lower leg's ability to counterbalance the upper body. As a result, your upper body has toppled forward. You had to put all that weight on your hands planted on the horses neck. Luckily, you did not come against the horse's mouth.

If you had taken some of the grab out of your knees, you would have been able to put much more weight into your stirrups, allowing your ankles to flex down. THIS is what you need to work on first.

Again, grabbing with knees and pivoting on them. Lower leg goes back, unbalancing the upper body which falls forward onto the hands


Sat back too soon on landing allowing you to get "behind the motion" of the horse. It is really easy to get in the horse's mouth when this happens. One good did land on your feet, not your knees.

The same pivoting on the knee with leg back, upper body forward. Notice how there is no weight in the stirrups/ankles.

Not a bad landing. You have landed on your feet, not knees. If you were not standing in the stirrups and, instead, had sunk into them, your heels would have been much better

Aha!! Much better. You sank into your ankles and, as a result, you "landed on your feet" not you knees. Better all the way around. IF your lower leg had kept more contact through the inside of your upper calf, you would have held your position better. As it is, the horse jumped a little out from under you, leaving you a little bit behind. Much better, though.

Another knee pivot.

What I am seeing with you are some of the most common errors out there. Grabbing with the knee which starts all kinds of imbalance.

I would suggest doing miles of two point with NO HANDS. You must learn to relax that knee so that you can bring your lower leg forward and keep it at the girth. You need that leg forward so that it can counterbalance your upper body. By taking away your "prop" you will learn to keep your leg there. Try going into two point and push your lower leg forward enough that you can stay in two point without hands. Get into two point and force your legs forward and heels down. STRETCH those heels down. Then, stand on your toes, lifting your heels up and feel how that unbalances your upper body!!

Try it and get back with us. You will do just fine.

WHEW!! I have typers cramp!!

Thyme 07-16-2011 12:25 AM

WOW yes thanks so much! It very helpful breaking the pictures down, I will definitly be working on that tomorrow, luckly my mare there just goes with it lol poor horse.
I will practice a few days then posts some new pics and maybe try to get a video to see how we are doing
Thanks again! :D

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