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ilovemyPhillip 07-15-2011 10:16 PM

Pull through, little poult.
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This is just a thread to keep faith for a little poult (baby turkey) who we just got. He's extremely weak and will probably not make it. We have a another that's also weak, but is far more active. The second baby will probably pull through. I'm not so sure about the first one.

He's just a hatch-ling, so there's not much I can do for him. When I first saw him, I immediately got liquids into his system. That's our best hope of keeping him around. When I first picked him up, he would peep, but not open his eyes. I'm worried for him. Every few hours I go down and check on him, give him water (force him liquids, they have a water-er but I doubt he gets up to go get a drink), cuddle him, encourage him, love on him, and let him go back to sleep. Since I have insomnia I'll be able to check on him.

He's not the first I've 'bottle fed' - I had a baby deer once. o: but he's a lot easier to handle. I think I'll name in Henry.

Good luck little Henry! I attached a pic of him.. He's the one laying all the way down. The poult behind him is the other weak one.

Bandy 07-15-2011 10:20 PM

Good Luck Henry

Indigosblue 07-15-2011 10:43 PM

awww, good luck!

ilovemyPhillip 07-15-2011 11:17 PM

I just checked on him, Henry drank all the water I asked him to. I pet him for a bit, then put him down. He walked a bit, and his eyes were open this time!

The other weak guy got some love too. It took him a while until he would drink. I set him down an he clambered all around their area. He ended up flipping over a feeder and landing on his back. :[ poor baby. I picked him up and set him near Henry. I left them huddled, with another poult, sleeping.
I'll check on them around 2ish, but for right now I need to sleep. I have a big show in the morning.

Bandy 07-16-2011 02:08 AM

good luck for the show

Stakie 07-16-2011 02:27 AM

Luck Henry luck!!!
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ilovemyPhillip 07-17-2011 02:29 PM

We lost Henry. 5am yesterday morning. Luckily, the other poults are thriving. I doubt we will lose anymore.

Indigosblue 07-17-2011 08:01 PM

i am so sorry, hopefully all the other will be fine. I raise small zebra finches and have seen many "runts" struggle to survive and die. It's very sad, but there is little that you can do. I wish you the best of luck with the rest though!

ilovemyPhillip 07-22-2011 10:36 PM

Thank you, we lost a second poult but the others are thriving. They were moved out to their "pen" area where they'll be raised. I hope this heat didn't do any harm. o.o

Carleen 07-22-2011 10:37 PM

Poor little guy. :( Sorry he didn't make it.

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