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Doe 07-16-2011 01:23 PM

Confessional and Ideas Please
It's finished!!! Finally today the last data was recorded and now I can confess to my interests and motivation behind posting on this forum.

I am currently writing up the results of what I hope and believe will be the largest study of it's kind into the structure and decision making hierarchy amongst domesticated, captive herds.

The study has been entirely privately funded and as such is entirely objective. It has taken just short of three years to this point, with the last test and observations recorded today. I anticipate it will take me in the region of 6 months to assimilate and prepare for publication to the community.

It has involved 37 herds of at least 11 horses or greater per 'herd'. The study includes observational questionnaires with all the horse owners, as to who is the alpha etc. Tests include choice of movement, choice of lead/follow when endangered, control over food sources, and instigation of movement/investigation into new fields. Due to movement of horses and owners, 8 of the herds data will be ma available but removed from the study.

The study has been a massive undertaking, and I need to thank everyone who has been involved and helped. Without that support it would not have been possible. You all know who you are if you are reading this, but credit will be given at publication.

Now I am looking for ideas for my next study. So I would invite any suggestions. At the moment I am considering something directly comparing positive vs negative reinforcement methods but the design and parameters have not been considered yet.

With the pool of experience and knowledge here I look forward to some great ideas.

Many thanks.

Doe (Matt)

kitten_Val 07-17-2011 09:26 PM

Matt, do you do it for fun or for money? Either is fine (so not trying to be rude or anything :wink:), but just depending on purpose the suggestions can be different.

Doe 07-19-2011 03:10 AM


Originally Posted by kitten_Val (Post 1100552)
Matt, do you do it for fun or for money? Either is fine (so not trying to be rude or anything :wink:), but just depending on purpose the suggestions can be different.

H Kitten

No I don't get paid for this work. It is something I have considered, but i am concerned that I would have to compromise certain principles which i cannot do. So I keep the day job and allow horse psychology and communication to remain my passion.

Hence what I try to achieve is a mid way in my studies between what the scientific community will accept and yet remain something that horse owners will find useful.

So any ideas as to what people on the forum would like to see? What horse related questions they would like answers to in an ideal world?

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