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HorseLoverHunter 07-17-2011 12:38 AM

Coming Out Again!, and advise? =) ?
I am finally coming out again for good! =) When I moved to a different state last summer, I haven't really been riding all that much. I had a lesson back at my old stable when I went to visit, rode my friends horse for a walk down the street, and I went to camp at my knew stable too. The camp was great. I got back into the motion of riding the first day, and now I am jumping again. I feel sooooo great and happy. Does anyone have any advise for riding again besides heels down, shoulders back, and elbows in? :D

Cinnys Whinny 07-17-2011 12:54 AM

This is from my own personal experience..... always keep in mind that just because you could do certain things before, doesn't mean you can pick up right where you left off. Give yourself plenty of time to get back to where you were. You will save yourself and your horse a lot of frustration :)

HorseLoverHunter 07-17-2011 06:49 PM

Thanks, we actually did end up jumping today =). We did pretty good too, but the horse I ride, Bee, is a little stubborn and we were outside today so she kept trying to wander off even if I took my mind off of riding for a LITTLE second. But it was great after the couple of times she stopped and wandered to the grass. =)

JumpersRule 07-22-2011 12:46 PM

Make sure to keep your lower leg still so you don't "tickle" or bug your horse. Also, anything that your instructor tells you, be sure to put in your "mental bank." As a rider, you're not only learning new things but perfecting others. After every ride, I try to remember the exercises we did that would help a certain aspect of my riding. That way when I'm at home (or when you're on your own in the arena) and I come across the same problem that my horse might have done the other day, I'll be able to remember what I need to focus on and what exercise I need to do to fix it. If you plan on being a trainer someday, this will really help :)

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