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Oxer 07-17-2011 02:24 PM

Schooling over water
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I would like to start schooling my new jumper over water. He's never seen water before and i've noticed that he will avoid it when i have him in hand, i.e. he will try to walk waaaaaaay around puddles and not through them. So i see an issue with water already. I would like to keep myself safe so just rushing him up to the liverpool with hopes he won't throw me into it, isn't my idea of a good time. So i was thinking of putting the liverpool in the round pen and having him free jump over it a couple times.
What do ya'll think?

MyBoyPuck 07-17-2011 02:33 PM

So as not to immediately overface him, first ground school him near water using a sending exercise. At first give him a good 20' of space. Send him between you and the water back and forth until he's walking calmly like it's not going to eat him. Then decrease the space to 15', then 10'. Keep going until A) He's feeling overfaced or B) He's so close he "accidentally" steps into the water. Then move on to send him back and forth through the water. That way you've established an entire exercise before ever involving the item in question. Once you get to the water, it should be such old news, he should be fine with it. Remember to reward every effort. Tell him how brave he is and how all the girls love him. Good luck.

Oxer 07-17-2011 02:39 PM

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yes!!! fantastic idea!
right now the liverpool is sitting outside the arena, and for the first few times he passed by it on the rail, he would shy away. i would just keep tracking forward and make him focus. a few times by the blue monster that had posted up shop on the outside of the arena, and we were thoroughly bored with the whole thing. so this time i will put it inside the arena and see how that changes the dynamic.

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