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Loyalty09 07-17-2011 05:35 PM

Tungsten Video Finally!
I finally got video of me on Tungsten today. Critiques on both of us would be appreciated. We did a little cantering at the end which is rough for him. He has string halt and this is probably the six or seventh time we have cantered. Tungsten is four and has been under saddle about 4 months now.

Things I notice: My heels pretty much suck. When I ride him I have to use my inside leg pretty strongly still at this point and my leg position lacks for that. I have weekly lessons on a schooling horse to work on myself. Tungsten tries to get behind the bit a handful of times but he is still learning at this point.

I have never tried to upload a video before so this very well may not work. Thanks in advance :-)

Oh and I apologize the camera is shaking it is my boyfriend's camera phone. Makes me a little nauseous to watch it.

MyBoyPuck 07-17-2011 05:56 PM

I don't know squat about training the young ones, but I just wanted to say how lovely your horse moves. He's a cutie. Have you tried a more consistent circle to help him find a better outside rein connection? Your hands seem quiet enough. He just looks like he's still trying to find his balance I guess.

tinyliny 07-17-2011 06:11 PM

Very hard to tell much due to the shaky camera and the distance. I can see that your leg is coming up and wonder if having a crop would work better? or is he too nervous with that?
He is a youngun so one should not have unrealistic expectations. He does have nice rythm to the trot. The way he is pushing down into the bit , comeing behind the vertical and kind of plowing forward onto his forehand is something that you would not want to become a longterm habit.

If he wants to reach downward, I would give him more rein so that his head is on or in front of the vertical. If he starts plodding, put more leg on and he will leap forward, raising his whole neck and head where in you can then ask him to give a bit to the bit throught the poll without him overbending and tucking behind. When he starts doing this ovebending or coming behind the bit, open the rein, push him up and "catch" him while his head and neck are up. Gently, though, on the "catch".

Loyalty09 07-17-2011 07:04 PM

Ya sadly he is not okay with crops at the moment. He gets offended by them lol. Kicks out if you touch him with it. We did do some stretching and long and low which my boyfriend did not get in the video sadly. Tungsten is a big boy though and even when I am on the buckle I feel like he still does not have enough room to move into. So I may look into getting longer reins. Thanks for the input so far!

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