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DejaVu 07-17-2011 06:37 PM

Multi-purpose supplement?
My gelding is 14 now, and working fabulously.

He has no lameness issues, great coat and feet. He's really just in great condition and health. So your probably thinking, if it's not broke, don't fix it. Basically, so do I.

He has an old injury to his right fore, from when he was a foal. He got tangled in some wire due to improper fencing ( :evil: ) and was cut down to the bone, and it healed wrong, and the leg looks and feels pretty mangled.

He's generally ridden four days a week, every other day. I never notice any issues with it under that schedule.
However, if he's ridden hard, a couple days in a row (which does happen sometimes due to lessons or whatever), I've noticed he will hit the ground harder on the right fore sometimes, especially at the trot. So I worry, as he gets older, about that leg causing more problems later on.

Right now, I'm thinking about a multi purpose supplement, to just help kind of maintain everything, such as SmartCombo, or Gand Complete.
Thoughts on that?

Also, what joint supplements do you suggest for a moderately worked horse, that's ridden 4 days a week? He has no serious joint problems, but what do you suggest, again, for maintenance and just general support?

He is on 24/7 turnout/stall time as he pleases, and is fed 24/7 coastal hay, Safechoice with paprika and Perspirade right now.

tblver 07-17-2011 07:28 PM

For joint support, I currently use Vet can only purchase it through your vet, and it comes in a HUGE tub, but for one horse it would last quite awhile....We have four horses on it at the barn, and it last like 4 months. In the past, I have used Flex Force with HA by Corta-Flx (the pellets not the liquid) and love that as well. I have only been able to find it online, which is why I stopped ordering it, but I really loved the results.

If he has no problems, I wouldn't over supplement "just because", although I'm sure where ever you buy from will thank you for the revenue boost, lol.

If you want to look at something for his leg, I would personally look at something to do with muscle building, but talk to your vet about it first. S/He may recommend some sort of steroid, if its fixable so far after the incident.

WhoaNow 07-17-2011 07:46 PM

I feed Hylagen 60 from United Vet Equine.
It has the daily recommended dosage of 10,000 mgs per day
(per 1000 lbs body weight) of glucosmine, & MSM, and 60 mgs p/d of hyluronic acid (HA).
Fed at 2 oz's per day, per 1000 lbs, it was the best bang for my buck:wink:.

JumpersRule 07-19-2011 03:37 PM

I feed both my mares Platinum Performance Equine Wellness formula. Here's the link for it: Platinum Performance Equine | PlatinumPerformance

It does have some joint support in it, but for the "real deal," I would order the Platinum Peformance CJ. It's specifically formulated with the Equine Wellness ingredients with maximum joint support. A one month supply, just giving 2 scoops daily (recommended for pleasure horses) costs $134. It is expensive, but it has been so worth it for my 2 horses. They have such great products, quality ingredients, and great customer support.

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