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Plains Drifter 07-17-2011 08:59 PM

Not sure what to title this...kind of a horse buying/breeding type ?
Hypotherical question:

If you bought a foal from a particular breeding and loved the conformation and temperament and the foal was also an appealing color and the gender that you wanted. The more you see the foal grow the more you appreciate this particular breeding. If, in the following year(s), the breeder repeated the breeding would you consider the foal even if it wasn't the color or gender you wanted just because you know how great the foal would be? Or would gender or color play a major role in getting the foal no matter the breeding? Also, would you assume because they throw one (or more) great foals, that each foal would have the same temperament & conformation? For the breeders out there do you often notice a pattern when it comes to breeding or is it like kids and every foal is separate & unique?

ShutUpJoe 07-17-2011 09:35 PM

I've always heard the certain lineage throws certain temperaments. I believe this could be true. If I'm understanding you correctly you are looking at buying a horse that you have's sibling? I would wait and visit the foal to see if it inherited similar confirmation and temperament as the horse that you like. Gender or coloring does not play a big part in the decisions I make on whether or not to purchase a horse. I like personality over anything else.

smrobs 07-17-2011 10:13 PM

There are some lines that are known for throwing a certain temperament/ability but there are always exceptions. I would keep that in mind but I would mainly take each foal as it's own individual and judge it on it's own personality. If it came from a line that was known for producing a majority of foals with the temperament and ability that I wanted, then I would be more eager to see a particular foal of that line.

As for whether or not I would buy a later foal that wasn't the color/gender that I really wanted, that would depend entirely on how much color/gender mattered to me, personally. I love buckskin/bay/black geldings, but I wouldn't turn down a sorrel mare if I knew that she would be/is a great horse. However, if I did have a particular gender or color in mind that I really wanted, I would likely hold off on buying until they had one of that line that was more what I was looking for.

Plains Drifter 07-18-2011 11:45 PM

It's not really anything about me. I was just thinking along these lines as I have the full sister to a horse I sold a year ago. She seems to be smart, laid back & takes everything in stride. Just yesterday, she had her feet done for the first time & had a bath for the first time. She handled everything like a pro. She reminds me of her sister. And that got me wondering about buying & selling along those lines. Just curious more from a breeders stand point.

Like Smrobs, I prefer bays, buckskins, and duns but I prefer mares. Not sure if I could buy a foal from a good breeding if he was male or say a sorrel which I am not a fan of. (cept for Rafe!!! )) I was curious as to how others felt!
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