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ilivlikeahorse 07-18-2011 01:38 PM

Help with focusing when in a lesson.
I need help with focusing when I'm in a lesson, my instructor said I can jump 3' by the end of the summer, if I FOCUS I have some problems with that. When I am in a lesson, I am worrying, not about the jump, about school, my life, my horses, and other things. How do I stop that? I try, but I just can't and I have NO idea on how to stop! I could start to jump 3' today, but I would not be safe! I am on the verge of putting my horse and my self in danger when I jump! Please help!!!!

Cinnys Whinny 07-18-2011 01:46 PM

Hmmm, this is a really hard one to answer. I do know that I have always had the same problem, especially when I was younger.... mind wandering out of control and you have to keep forcing it to go back to the task at hand. A question I have is, do you only have a problem paying attention during your lesson, or is it in all your riding? it only riding, or do you have problems paying attention at school and during other activities as well. If it seems to be at school too and other things, you may want to discuss it with your mom or a trusted teacher so that they can help you find ways of building your attention span.

Sometimes it's not that you don't WANT to pay attention, there could be an underlying cause preventing it.

tinyliny 07-18-2011 01:48 PM

Boy , can I relate to that. One thing you might try is to tell that voice in your head that it must wait for its' turn. Promise it that you will give it some time , as soon as you are done. Then visualize yourself, like a parent, telling the incistant voice to go wait in its room and you will come for it shortly. Then close the door!

LetAGrlShowU 07-18-2011 02:07 PM

2 things come to mind when reading this. Have you been checked for ADD/ADHD? My daughter is ADHD and it presents itself in different ways for girls so it may not be recognized in school.
Try clearing your mind. Tell yourself to shut up and focus on nothing. Think blank image in your mind. Take a deep breath and then think of jumping. If you get side tracked, make your mind blank again and breathe deep. Yoga is good for this type of "centering" also.

Ok, so really that is my only thought,. What you're describing sounds like stress or ADHD. Being a young adult/teenager can be stressful. But horses can be your out. Same if your disgnosed with ADHD, horses can be that source of normalcy where you can put forth the effort to focus. But if its affecting you on something as serious as riding/jumping, may i ask how it affects you in school? Is your mind always elsewhere? Have your grades dropped?

ilivlikeahorse 07-18-2011 05:40 PM

My grades are mostly A's and only when I'm in a lesson does my mind wander! I'm sitting here laughing at what you all are saying! Not because it's bad... Just because it seems like a good idea to try!! My mom, sister, and my dad all have ADHD, and I am showing signs, but I've never been tested for it! I am REALLY focused in school, unless I have a teacher I don't like, other wise I am REALLY focused, turn in ALL my homework, on time, or earlier!

Cinnys Whinny 07-18-2011 08:14 PM

Then it sounds like it's just a matter of buckling down and paying attention in your riding lessons. Maybe if you try to make a point at glancing at your instructor every few strides or something... I don't know.

ilivlikeahorse 07-18-2011 11:14 PM

thank you
for your help!

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