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brodieluver26 07-18-2011 10:38 PM

Could my horse transition over to hunters? Kinda long?
I have just started jumping my horse at shows and he has done great so far! We have done low jumpers and have placed decent, 7th out of 12 and such. BUT the only problem is that my horse is slow, and I truthfully need a slower pace also!

My eq is horrible and I'm working on that, but my horse is hard to ride that I just worry about him and not my position (aka getting the right leads over fences and making sure he jumps it!)

My eq is ok at home because I have time to practice, but where I show and jump, there is no warm up :P

I have taught my horse to jump with help from my trainer, but he was originally trained western (sorta) Lets just say he was very green!

Here is him now! This is our first jumping show and my stirrups were long because I wanted more grip for the first show! But please rate him! thank youu :)


Its our first ever jumping show. He has never jumped at a show before. He never knew how to jump before I got him. He was just ridden western. I trained him how to jump. his knees arent as sloppy as some horses at the tristate horse show i go to. He was sloppy in some but we were rushing to beat the clock, and the jumps weren't much of a challenge in height. they were only 2'3 maybe lower. He has jumped up to 3 so far. My position sucks, I was nervous, my hands were high i know. please just look at the horse itself! thanks!

Kitty74 07-19-2011 03:22 AM

You know, I think you're selling him short. He has fairly nice knees, and he's easily getting over these jumps. Much better knees than my 3'6" horse, actually. He's got natural talent. From where I stand, he looks a-ok. right on track for a green horse.

The thing is, it's very hard to judge a horse without judging its rider too. They're a team. I know you know you have some position problems, but the only one that really bothers me is your release. In every picture, you're tugging on his mouth, which I'm sure is bothering him. Let go. If you keep doing that, it could cause behavior problems. Also, on landing I think you may be catching him in the mouth with the bit because of that release, which may be slowing him down. But i don't have a video, so I'm not sure about that...

Also, just for future reference, this should probably go in the critique section. But it's ok.

Kitty74 07-19-2011 03:23 AM

Oh, and my answer is yes, btw. From what I see, I think he can transition to hunters. :)

Allison Finch 07-19-2011 04:48 AM

I agree, from what I see he probably can. It was your desire to make time that probably caused his problems with jumping form like uneven knees (he shows he can have great knees) and jumping flat.

Now, are you up to some constructive hints on your jumping form?

maura 07-19-2011 05:56 AM

I agree, his form could easily be tidied up to do the hunters.

The real question, and one that can't be answered by still photos, is whether or not he has the attitude and stride to do the hunters. It would be great if you could post a video.

It's a good sign that you describe him as "slow"; a good hunter must hold a steady, relaxed, even canter on light contact to his fences and jump out of stride, with no obvious adjustments before and after the fence. If that sounds like him, he may well be better suited to hunters than jumpers.

Alwaysbehind 07-19-2011 06:47 AM

Yes, please post a video.

He is tidy for a horse going over smaller jumps and being pushed to make time.

brodieluver26 07-19-2011 10:13 AM

Oh yes I know my release is horendous...but I don't use my hands for ballence. My horse jumps from different spots each time so he always catches me off gaurd. And I will admit, I shorted up my reins at the show. I was ver nervous but at home I ride a lose rein! Here is a video of my second show. First year jumpers 2' from my barn website. There is another video on ther also. Thanks you for all the feedback so far!
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Alwaysbehind 07-19-2011 10:26 AM

It says video unavailable.

brodieluver26 07-19-2011 10:33 AM

It should work if your not on mobile. I'm on my phone now, I will check it later, if the site works, there is another video on there that says schooling jumper 2'3 that was my first show. I will update it when I get home lol
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Alwaysbehind 07-19-2011 10:53 AM

It says video was removed or not available because of privacy settings.
I am not on a mobile phone.

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