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tbstorm 07-22-2011 02:16 PM

help and critique my sister and i please!
So my little sister and i went for an english ridig lesson but i'd like to state, i ride western, all the time. I ride english only once in a while so dont be too harsh on me :/ i would like you guys to critique my riding please!

And now my sister, she is 13 and rides maybe 2 or 3 times a year. I dont get her though she tells me she wants to ride but shes scared to because she doesnt know if she can control them. i want to help her over come that fear, so if you guys could lightly critique her and give some pointers that would be awesome!

im in the navy blue sweater that says, my mama says im special ( love that :-P) and my sister is in the green, just ignore the other girl. We did some simple wtc and i did a bit of jumping. at one point my sister started a canter and had a hard time stopping even though we were riding simple school horses. After that she just walked and then went and untacked thats why when im jumping shes sitting and watching :/

- some simple work

- thats the one where she sort of lost control or so she thought i dont know :/

- me cantering, im kind of off ballance because the saddle is so dang small, it deffinatly didnt fit me

ok the jumping one is coming soon but is taking FOREVER to upload so im going to post this for now


FreeDestiny 07-22-2011 02:31 PM

I'm not the best at critique, but you and your sister look pretty good for western/never-riders haha.

For you, I'd say try not to post straight up, you want to kind of post a little more forward and follow the movement of your horse. Also, maybe bring your hands up a smidge. But other than that, I'd say you don't look too bad. :)

As for your sister, in the canter was she taught half-seat? If not she looks to be hanging on the horses mouth and leaning way forward, way better than my first few canters though. ;) tell your sister she looks amazing for 2-3 rides a year !

And the losing control, it looks like she came a little off balance or sat a wrong beat in the canter which might have thrown her up or forward and just unbalanced her, looks like she just needs a confidence boost !

If I sound to mean ignore me, I mean only the best and good luck to you two !
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tinyliny 07-22-2011 02:46 PM

Your sister started out her little canter episode sitting not so badly, but as she got more fearful and concentrated more on pulling back, she was pulling the rein into her belly as she curled around that pull, brought her heels up and went into the fetal position. At the point she was putting leg on the horse's abdomin (lucky for her he didn't buck!) AND pulling hard on his face. So, that stop and go cues at the same time. She should have sat back and used her body weight to help slow this horse.

In general, sis is leaning way too far forward and is very stiff. She has not give in her pelvis or elbows, so this ends up making her whole body get bumped aroudn some. But, she has guts! and I dont' see a lot of side to side balance struggling. She would be a good candidate to do some work at the walk and easy trot bareback for a bit . That way she can practice sitting up straight and balancing, by balancing.

As for you, you did post more vertically than necessary. The horse wasnt' giving you a lot of energy to post off of, so I can see you might end up kind of forcing it. Try to get your leg back under you more. Practice just standing in your stirrups and riding aroudn fstanding in them, not posting. this will help you bring that leg under you better. I thought you did rather well at the canter to start with , then could see body stiffen and you and the saddle start to part ways. Just imagin it's your western saddle.

Gidget 07-22-2011 04:48 PM

Okay,so what I see is that your sister doesn't have enough contact on the reins.Do you see how the reins are snapping? She needs to shorten them just a tad and bring her elbows to her side and bend them.

For both of you I see you are holding the reins low and yours hands are close together. When you do this it puts quite a bit of pressure on the bars of their mouth. You need to widen your hands and hold the reins up off their neck to where it will create a straight line...if that makes sense? This is what I have been taught and it also explains it in some books I have read. Trainers are different.

Also you want to drive the horse forward and therefore you need a soft,squishy leg and not grasping your knees to post. It's a bit hard to tell if you are doing that or not. Your sister is leaning forward while posting as if she was about to go into a half seat.

All and all you guys seem to be doing well.How long have you been taking lessons?

You also want to

Gidget 07-22-2011 04:50 PM


want to mention also when driving a horse do not back drive. Use just your legs.When you feel them slow down slightly wiggle your leg and keep them going. No need to kick them unless they won't go at all.A dressage whip would also help. You do a quick tap,tap,tap.

emeraldstar642 07-22-2011 05:44 PM

Hmmm... It seems to me that your sister is doing too much too soon. In my opinion, she's not ready to be cantering. It's dangerous and uncomfortable for both her and the horse. At the moment, any critique would be pretty pointless because of the stage she's at. She has low confidence and lack of experiance, and 2 or 3 times a year isn't enough to give her the experiance she needs to ride effectively. Before she can start with cantering and jumping, she needs to backtrack and work on the basics.

For your sister I'd sugest some more constant but lighter riding lessons. Nothing more than walk/trot and some ground poles, and perhaps a little bareback. She needs a good qualified instructor, one who will help her perfect the basic skills so that she has the confidence to move forwards when she's ready. She'll both benefit from and enjoy this method a lot more, and I'm sure she'd be more comfortable doing it this way. :-)

As for you, I can tell that the saddle is definately too small, so I'm gonna cut you some slack. :-) At the trot, I think your leg can come back a tad so that it is just under your hip. The horse you're riding is a little lazy, am I wrong? When riding him, you try to push him forward by standing higher and forcing your seat up while you post, which honestly doesn't do much for you. Instead, stay low to the saddle and post forward, back instead of just up, down. Imagine a string tied to your belly button that pulls you forward every time you rise out of the saddle (that`s how I learned to post :lol:).

At the canter, you seemed to be tipping back a lot. You also are absorbing the weight with your body instead of your legs and core. Jam your heels down and move your leg back - this will help you have a quieter seat and upper body. I know the saddle is small, so it would benefit you to ride in half seat instead of full seat.

Good luck to both you and your sister. :D

tbstorm 07-22-2011 07:30 PM

thanks guys! i've been riding everyday (western) around the ranch i live on with my grandma and grandpa. My sister lives at home and only rides like i said 2-3 times a year and she has been since she was, umm 7 i think. Yes that horse was very lazy i was chanting 12121212 faster and faster in my head and out loud while we were trotting trying to get the energy going :P seems to work on my lazy ranch horses at home! She really could use a confidence boost in more areas then riding :( poor gal! i wish she lived closer so i could have her out to ride!

as for me posting up high the instructor kept yelling long legs stand tall and stuff i didnt really know what she meant... and as for my hands it was the same low and keep them together, i never ride english so i dont really know!

i could feel myself leaning back in the canter, i'd catch myself and try to fix it! and i can see where having my leg farther back would help. its just the stirrupts are so dang skinny its almost like english riders want to fall off... small saddle, both hands are being used so no free hand and skinny little stirrupts :P

okay the jumping video did finally load sooo here she be :P dont critique too hard because its only my second time jumping even though last year i was going to try jumping and competing but that only lasted about 2 weeks before i fell and went back to herding my cows :) anyways here is my attempt at jumping a small little course. oh at one point i became really off ballence and i think i needed to shorten up and also i would like sort of bend over coming off the jump and pull back... those are my thoughts :) i do like jumping though so any critique would be appreciated!!

Gidget 07-23-2011 12:24 AM

you would be more balanced if you are to do a half seat with heals down.Make sure your leg is bouncy/noodle like and this will drive the lazy horse. you look a bit stiff so just take some deep breaths and stretch before doing jumping.

Is this your first time because iif so you look great in my opinion.

Eliz 07-23-2011 12:48 AM

I think you need more impulsion from your horse going into/away from the jumps. This does not mean race towards them, though. I know you are just a beginner but the horse will jump much more cleanly and it will actually make your job easier.

Squeeze right before, during, and at the landing of the jump. Your horse should canter after he/she lands.

tbstorm 07-23-2011 12:57 AM

Okay! Its not my first time, some times we jump for fun and stuff and for 2 weekes last year I was training with my horse sable and we were going to compete this year but he got sick and recently passed. I would like to jump and do more English riding but my grandparents, who I live with, are really old fashioned ranchers and have me working on our ranch most of the time! Plus I only have two horses I am aloud to ride freely and one is blind, all the others are strictly ranch horses and don't even have names :P its like bay horse #2 and things like that lol. Anyways, great tips and I can really understand, next time I will keep these things in mind (ill write them down!)
Thanks again guys!
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