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justice 05-23-2008 11:49 PM

Hauling 2 horses in a "simple" 4 h stock trailer
Hi helpful horse people,
I recently had the opportunity to acquire a 2004 CM stock trailer (4 horse) at an incredible price.
In the past I have always begged and borrowed, never stolen, your typical 2-horse bumper pulls with dividers,padding,butt bars and tack rooms; things that I would consider "bells & whistles" when compared to my very open, very spacious stock trailer with it's simple center gate which separates the rear from the front.
I am not a fan of having horses stand side by side with no center divider, why? no other reason than the belief that the horses will get into trouble when they are bumping butts during transport. However, I cannot imagine that trailering one horse in front and one in back is any safer.
Does anyone have experience here, how to safely transport 2 horses in a 4 horse stock trailer? This is all new to me. Am I being irrational about hauling both in front?
Also any ideas of how to make a home made/safe divider?

alstaxidermy 05-27-2008 09:07 AM

I don't have any helpful sugestions really, just that we have a four horse/combo stock trailer - or however you put it - it's by WW trailers and it's blue - and all I was used to before this one were the fancy jobs - but ours seems to do fine side by side when they go places. I am still more worried about getting them into the darn thing really. It does have a short center divider, but they seem to do better without out - can you say buddy sour? So yeah, not much help buthopefully a little more reassuring - send me a pic and I can ask the hubby - he's a welder so he can usually figure something out!

justice 05-27-2008 12:27 PM

Thanks for the 2 cents, I'm not sure how it is that one wouldn't increase their chances of being crushed in between two horses when loading/unloading. I'll get a picture, that's a great idea, thank you!

alstaxidermy 05-28-2008 07:50 PM

Oh - the loading part - ours has what I always called a "grooms door" on the side and what my hubby calls the escape hatch - does yours? I guess not because you probably would have mentioned it, but just asking. The older horse goes in first on the left and the younger one goes in by the escape hatch side (basically she backed up better and the other is more willing to load so that was how we made that decision). We still had to start with us outside and them in it as far as training them though, because the day we brought them home, canela wouldn't come out and flipped out if we tried to go get her after we had unloaded carmella. I just hung on to her lead through the side of the trailer and made her go very very slowly until she reached the back and then I was able to tie her off to the side, walk around, and be on her other side and in front of her and turn her around and get her out and she came right out, which I guess is good and bad. But it worked without putting me too close to her hind end at any point, and no one gets squished. Hope this helps a little.

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