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meggymoo 05-24-2008 06:14 AM

New pics of Poppy (Image Heavy)
Thought it was time to show more pics of Poppy. :shock: She's 8 weeks tomorrow! Cant believe how it has flown and how much she had grown! She's bigger than Willow now, and he's 11.2hh!
Ellie insisted on being in most of the photos, they are inseperable at times. :D
Look at them big donkey lugs!!! :lol:

.A.j. 05-24-2008 09:41 AM

The two of them are adorable!!! Such a cute pair.
Poppy's done a lot of growing since we last saw her! She'll make a gorgeous mare!! Congrats!

FoxRidgeRanch 05-24-2008 10:23 AM

Aww Adorable babys!! What dark rich color she has!!

appylover31803 05-24-2008 12:49 PM

oh my goodness! She is just too cute! And your daughter as well!

It looks like they're becoming best of friends :)

FGRanch 05-24-2008 12:58 PM

She sure is growen into a nice little horse! :D

meggymoo 05-24-2008 01:52 PM

:D Thanks everyone. I cant get over the size of her ears! They look huge lately! Lol.

JustDressageIt 05-24-2008 10:48 PM

Meggy, she's ADORABLE!! Can you ship her over here for a day please? ;)

Feathers 05-24-2008 11:50 PM

Oh, she's soo pretty!!! She's going to grow up into an awesome horse!! I love her name too. What a cute little filly :D

Vidaloco 05-25-2008 12:08 AM

Hope she grows into those ears :lol: Both of them are so sweet together. That white on her neck in the first photos looks like a womans face in profile. Maybe its just me :? do you see it?

southafrica1001 05-25-2008 02:04 AM

omg she is a cuttiee :D congrats on her. Vidaloco i can totally see the womens face lol its not just you, thanks for pointing it out lol :D

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