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Ladybug2001 07-23-2011 06:44 PM

What in the chance?
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A couple months back I got a rescue horse that had been in with a stallion. We brought our vet out maybe a week after we got her for an ultrasound and palpation. The vet said "Her cervix is hard which is common in pregnancy but I don't feel anything" then, she didn't really say anything during the ultrasound except that she didn't see anything. Is it possible she was wrong?

Both my mares just got out due to my dad leaving the gate open, they went and found some geldings to meet. My oldest mare that at one point could have been pregnant, but if she is she is going on a year and a few months, lmao she showed off to the geldings and went into heat. My rescue on the other hand did not and I have yet to see her go into heat in the four months I've had her. The lady who had caught them and put them in their yard asked if the rescue was pregnant.

What is the chance of the vet missing something?

When we first put weight on her, we used Senior feed. When she was back to normal weight we went back to Sweet Feed 10%. Which didn't seem to slow down her weight any, I've tried cutting back but to no avial. The vet will be out here soon to do a check up, maybe she will see something.

No, this is not hopeful wishing, I'm just curious as to the chance.

Here, just to give you an insight on what I'm looking at.

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This is in April when I got her. She was wormed pretty much right when she arrived.

Attachment 70458
Back in June

Attachment 70459
This is the fourth of July. She was wormed yesterday and we are starting daily wormer.

Poco1220 07-23-2011 06:50 PM

All you can really do is call the vet out to check again. Or maybe do the weefoal test (I have no experience with this test but have heard tons of great reviews).
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themacpack 07-23-2011 07:04 PM

We used weefoal on Holly when we got her (she had been pastured w/a stallion so we knew it was likely she was bred) and it was accurate (positive). Because she is a mini, and a small one at that, palpation wasn't an option. We did follow up bloodwork after the Weefoal just to be sure.
I would have the vet out - or have a different vet out if you aren't comfortable asking the same vet out again. If she is not pregnant, the changes are coming from some other cause and would need to be addressed - so it would be important to confirm/rule-out pregnancy.

Ladybug2001 07-23-2011 07:35 PM

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We are going to have the vet out anyway to do a checkup. So if she doesn't notice the obvious change then we will probably say something to her. For a time she was addressing her "bloated" stomach and "loose" stools with a bio sponge that I have completed. It has definitely not helped any with either issues. I have read sometimes vets do miss foals in an ultrasound. I just haven't been able to get a percentage or even why they can miss it. This mare can be anywhere from 4 months to 10 months pregnant. She was with the Stallion right up until I bought her four months ago and she had a foal that was about 9 months old at her side.

But does anyone else see the change in her stomach? She is definitely more wide as well.

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