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Holly17 07-24-2011 12:16 PM

Rides with Spirit
She rides like the wind through formless fogs
past sparkling brooks and meadows green.
She rides like the wind to fetch a day
of early dawn and celtic songs
to spur the Cowgirl on.
She rides like the wind to pathless peaks
that beckon in virgin snow,
a grass so green the emerald sings
to primrose and lattice gates.
She rides like the wind with sweaty reins
and dusty boots below,
the radiant climes make spirits dance
to the voiceless sound of the snow.
a poet's song of earth and sky
of bawdy hills and spirits past
unspoken cradles and graceful thoughts
She rides like the wind to the sea.
the eagle flies on mystic air
that calls on the breeze to dare,
while pony churns the sodden earth
it sets her heart to free.
the sapphire heavens and craggy knolls
greet rain to autumn bear
such noiseless flowers cannot speak
to the gilded ray in her hair.
So she rides like the wind
to the sun and the sea
calling fruits and flowers to come,
for her lungs need more than earthly delights
to feed on a heart's fragile fare.
down to the ground with her long-swept hair
night loosens her perfumed dreams,
a lofty form in daylight brings
A Cowgirl who rides with the wind.

Cheyennes mom 07-27-2011 03:00 PM

sounds nice!!

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