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Gidget 07-24-2011 03:17 PM

I'm doing it my hubby and I are going for a decent trail ride in the evening when it cools down. We like to sleep in :lol: Anyways,in other posts I mentioned that I would like to trail ride in my english saddle but had a fear of it as I thought I might fall off. Well recently I have fallen due to a freak accident. It was no one's fault and I was in my english saddle. Kinda makes me wonder if I will be able to do it in my english saddle today but there is only one way to find out so today is the day. I am bringing my camera and taking pictures of our ride so all of you can see. Should be interesting and hopefully I live.

phantomhorse13 07-24-2011 08:19 PM

cant wait to hear how it went!

Gidget 07-25-2011 02:10 AM

I DID IT! It was so much fun and I stayed on the whole time. I cantered,2 hand galloped,and trotted. I was so comfy in it! I got us sorta lost at one point...more like I took the wrong trail but I knew how to get back and we are thinking it's a mile and a half which would have taken us quite some time if we poked along but we made it back to the other spot in 10-15 min. while trotting and cantering non stop...INTENSE! I was in half seat most of the way back. When we began to gallop(it was getting dark and we had to make it out of there before it did) I slowed her down and her whole body vibrated! A bike came out of the middle of no where and spooked my horse but I stayed on! I took off my saddle and there were no dry spots.

So here are some pictures of my husband and I...we both don't like our pictures :P Here is a video too! it's a bit wiggly as it's hard to hold still when riding.

Gidget 07-25-2011 02:17 AM

Holly17 07-25-2011 05:45 AM

I'm doing it
Gidget - good for you! And thanks for sharing the photos- beautiful horses!!

Do you have problems with deer flies in your area?

Gidget 07-25-2011 01:18 PM

Thank you!

I'm not sure what a deer fly is. We have reg. flies and horse flies.

Celeste 07-25-2011 02:16 PM

Deer flies have a wicked bite. HERE is some info! Must be nice to live in Oregon where you don't know what they are.........

Gidget 07-25-2011 02:27 PM

ew! nope,never seen one. We had a huge horse fly chillen on my horse on the trail...that was fun..I was hoping it wouldn't bit her which it didn't...just went for a ride :P

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