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Rising Starr 07-24-2011 06:59 PM

How can I get the horse I'm leasing ready for drill team?
I'm thinking about doing drill team, and the horse I'm leasing isnt exactly ready. When i turn sharp corners she loves to slow to a trot. Also, she doesn't exactly 'like' other horses. That's a project i have been working on for a while and I can't get her to stop shying away from horses, kicking, or biting. I have also been trying to teach her to switch leads without me having to break down to a trot and pick a canter back up on the correct lead, or having to ask for the lead. She has actually done it 3 times within, well, the past several months.:-| The auditions are in August. So, I'm very limited with time. So if anyone knows a way to speed things up for these i appreciate it!:D And if anyone has any tips and/or suggestions about drill team please tell!:wink:

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