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emeraldstar642 07-25-2011 05:53 PM

Hunter Frame
I currently take weekly riding lessons, hunter. Recently I switched horses. I started riding a young green horse. He's not like the other horses and not exactly lesson-horse material, but I love him for that (and I'm pretty much to only one who does, seeing that I am the only person who consistantly rides him). Some say he's stubborn, but in truth he's more dependant than stubborn. If he's not given the direction and aids he needs, he won't listen, but if he is, he's very honest.

I've ridden him long enough that I know how to ride him fairly effectively, as in I can control him and have him respond to me. However, he lacks that nice long hunter frame. Since I'm working with him a lot more now (I volunteer at my barn in exchange for free rides), I want to learn to acheive that and perhaps one day show him.

I know that nice hunter frame comes with a lot of flexibility/bending. I'm working on that with him and he's getting better. But after that I'm not sure which direction to go in. So what do I do to achieve a good hunter frame with him?

countercanter 07-27-2011 10:43 PM

You wont achieve a real frame without forward movement. He needs to move forward into the bit and lift his belly up and carry himself. You do want him loose and strethy, but you don't want him to be too low or leaning into your hands. You want a soft, relaxed forward horse. You are on the right track geting him to stretch down and getting him soft & flexible. My biggest recomendation though is ontinuing working with your trainer. It is very easy for someone (from riders who have been riding for 3 weeks to 30 years) to think they have their horse in a frame when they atually do not.

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