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iloverains 07-27-2011 05:03 AM

Can you use cross country boots for showjumping?
So I'm wanting these boots, cause they are the best breathable light weight and freely moving boots (that i know of)

Premier Equine Air Cooled Eventing Boots - Front Boots from SmartPak Equine

So can I use them for Showjumping?? or is there any reason why XC boots are different to SJ boots??

and do you know of any free moving BREATHABLE boots, showjumping or XC??


Also - I don't care what price I have to pay, I want the best for my horse.

ItzKayley 07-27-2011 09:12 AM

I dont see why they cant be for both.
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Allison Finch 07-27-2011 09:33 AM

Sure, you can use problem.

MIEventer 07-27-2011 01:41 PM

Of course you can use them for stadium as well. Trail riding, lessons, XC, stadium, flat work - whatever :)

iloverains 07-27-2011 07:16 PM

thanks guys! do you know any 'big' named people use XC ones for SJ? or any of you guys use them for sj? or other things?

Quixotic 07-27-2011 08:40 PM

They're considered "XC boots" because they're breathable, durable, provide good protection, & don't soak up water. So they absolutely could be used in the SJ ring as well. I have those same boots on my wish list!

iloverains 07-27-2011 10:12 PM

very good way of putting it Quixotic!! thank you! (: when I get my horse, I'm 100% getting these! (unless I find something better) thanks everyone!

iloverains 07-27-2011 10:27 PM


So, what about the back boots, the reason why I want the front boots is to protect her(my horses) legs from the poles in SJ and logs etc in XC, and also just in case she takes a bigger step or knock her self with her other legs etc.

But what about Back Boots?
same brand, same style, but the back boots - Premier Equine Air Cooled Eventing Boots - Front Boots from SmartPak Equine

it's the same link, but click on the back boot piccy...
there so long? Of course, great for XC, but all the Showjumpers only have the little fetlock boots?? Do I need Back boots??

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