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ljtrowern 05-25-2008 12:37 PM

Wintec Easy Change Gullet System?
Hello everybody. I'm looking into buying an Wintec Easy Change Gullet Saddle (close contact). They seem the most practical for riding multiple horses of different shapes and sizes. But i guess my question is, are they comfortable? Are they hardy? Are they as "easy change" as they say?
Also, is there a way to measure which gullet size you will need without buying that measurement tool that they sell for like $30 :shock: !?!

Thanks! :mrgreen:

Vidaloco 05-25-2008 05:55 PM

Its been a few years ago since I had a Wintec but the one I had came with the measuring thingy. Maybe they are selling them now? :? Its really worth it to get the measurer. It takes the guess work out of which to use. It seems like it was fairly easy to change the gullet, but I had to do some modification to the screws as they started pulling throught the material if you change it too often. I just added some small washers. It was a comfortable saddle, as far as durability maybe someone else can give you advice. I only had it for about 1 year.

Miss Katie 05-26-2008 01:11 AM

Ive never used the close contact but my friend who is big into showjumping has one and loves it.

Yes, they are fairly hardy. Mine are both pretty old but structually still as good as new.
They are a little fiddly to change until you get used to it. I could nearly do it with my eyes closed now :P They do come with step by step picture instructions tho :D

As for measuring, well this depends on how knowladgable your tack store is, but this is what I do. Take a wire coat hanger, and mould it over the horses wither at the place werre the gullet will sit. Take it to the store and say 'this is my horses wither, I need a gullet to fit' :D

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