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mavis 07-27-2011 09:25 PM

Feedback and advice on Goode Rider sizing appreciated!

I am trying to buy some Goode Rider breeches online. I don't live in the States and they don't ship overseas. So the only way I can get them is to have them delivered to a friend who's posted to the States for a few weeks.

Therefore I am taking a chance with the sizing as I have not tried Goode Rider breeches before.

I am looking to buy the jean breeches. My waistline is 26, and my hips are 36 inches. I understand I kinda fall between 24-26, but have been advised that that the jeans are very stretchable. If anyone has experience with the jean breeches, pls share.

I am 5"4". Should I be getting the regular or long inseam for the size 24/26? Under normal circumstances, I should be getting regular. But i am worried the length differs for the various sizes.

Thanks for your feedback!

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