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SonnyWimps 05-25-2008 04:04 PM

what the heck? What do you think this is?
Today for lessons I got to ride a Morgan named Devon (i was going to ride Sonny...but we were doing a trail lesson...meaning like walking over stuff and waving flags, etc) and I noticed that when I was cleaning his feet...he had a weird...finger looking growth on his pastern. Both front legs had it...I didn't look to see if the back did or not.
It's not sensitive to touch or play with, but what is it?
It almost looks like the same material that the chestnut is made out of...
what could it be? I've never seen anything like it

moomoo 05-25-2008 04:15 PM

Its an ergot :) Most horses have it, i think more mares than geldings :lol: so Sonny doesn't have them then?

SonnyWimps 05-25-2008 08:17 PM

not that I've noticed at least...but I'll check tomorrow to see if he has one

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